Why I like to buy tl-mr3020? Complete review and buying guide

The design

Wireless router TL-MR3020 is a small gadget from the milky-white plastic. One look at the device enough to guess the similarities with Apple devices. But if original pieces with seduced are expensive, our model boasts democratic price in 1000 rubles. This bag is sold in a cardboard box with dust jacket. Quality packaging above plaudits. Inside, in addition to a router is a modular power supply, USB-miniUSB cable.

With conventional USB plugs on the wire. This router can be power from the laptop and deploy your wireless network anywhere. Once complete a patch cord. For the sake of fashion trends, the network cable flat ‘noodles’ easier to wind up, and it looks cool. At the bottom of the box, you’ll find a variety of papers in quick configuration and software. The router looks cute square box, small dimensions: 74 x 67 x 22 mm. The router has a place in any bag, as in the female and in a specialized case for notebooks.

The ends of the device is white, and the top panel of the gray plastic. Build high-quality, nothing creaks, execution connector too. Front-end ports are only two-face is a USB to connect 2/3 G-modem, the second is a tight slider switch modes. In addition he has a miniUSB port for both power and an RJ-45 router to connect to a wired network or connect computers over twisted pair.

Turn On!
The good location, the wires do not interfere with each other and not get confused, and this is important for a mobile device. Indicator lights Dim mode, and does not irritate the eyes in the darkness. One button is responsible for instantaneous turn on WPA. After connecting power TL-MR3020 immediately picks up Wi-Fi network, with one caveat – it it takes 2-3 minutes. Strange, usually such devices start working immediately after turning on. Own power source in the router, so talk about offline. The device is not very voracious, when connected to the laptop in 3 g mode last time decreases by about 7-10%. A good indicator, but I would like to see your own battery and the router.

Perform an initial configuration on a router takes less than five minutes, and difficulties will arise even in the ‘Dummies’. All configuration is done via an intuitive WEB interface.
To create your Wi-Fi network, just plug the 3 g modem in the Network choose a region and carrier. According to the official data are supported by more than 120 models of USB modems. Router was tested with Huawei’s products, which was recognized immediately.
Russia’s problems with the operators of the big three, you only need to select the appropriate item. Of course, there is also a manual setting.
Here you can choose how the Internet will connect the modem manually or automatically. The last option seems more rational is set once and forget. Just plug the router into a power source and enjoy the Internet from mobile devices.
BTW, wonder box already supports the new 4 g modems from Yota and megaphone, you need only update the firmware through manufacturer’s support Web site.

There is a signal
The router has been tested in a model apartment and a large Office, and in both cases, problems with the network. With extended use of the device is not responding and not overheating. The range will be sufficient for all cases. Taking into account the specificity of the gadget is unlikely someone would use MR3020 to build a wireless network at the Office.
Box supports LAN connection at speeds of 10/100 Mbit/s, wireless LAN standard IEEE 802.11 b/g/n can make optimal use of the gadget available bandwidth using IPQoS, plugging up traffic control feature works.

The average cost of a model at the moment is about 1000 rubles. Agree, the amount is not large, and the device functions are not for children. Choosing a TL-MR3020 you get a compact Wi-Fi router-N specification, which simply set up and doesn’t take up much space. The only downside is the long unfolding of the wireless network. Perhaps this is due to the peculiarities of a particular sample. In any case, to build a wireless home network, you can safely recommend entry-level TP-Link TL-MR3020.