News Why I Love To Buy Wood Beads Wholesale

Why I Love To Buy Wood Beads Wholesale


Jewelry beads are made from a variety of materials, including glass, acrylic, ceramic, stone, bone, wood, and so much more. When I was just starting my beading work, I always used wood beads wholesale because they are easily available. The shapes I frequently bought are the round, oval, tubular, and flat. Wooden beads also come in many different sizes. My favorite place to buy these beads then and now are the Panda hall and some other online beading websites.

Even if I have been doing bead work for a while now, I still use wood beads wholesale in creating pieces for my jewelry making business, and is still my frequent supplier. The beads are available in their natural colors and some other colors and patterns. I always order the treated and finished wooden beads, because I do not have sufficient time to do the treatment, dyeing or painting, and polishing of the wood. Sometimes I choose from the natural colors, or pick those painted with various colors and patterns.

There are several reasons why I love to buy and use wood beads wholesale. One of those reasons is because they are very affordably priced; they are even cheaper than glass or acrylic. The main reason, perhaps, is their ready availability. Wooden beads are also versatile: they can be used not only to create women’s jewelry pieces, but also men’s items. Whenever I have an order for chunky jewelry, the first thing I do is go to Pandahall and order wooden beads. These are very lightweight, making them ideal for such large and heavy pieces.

Wood beads wholesale can be used singly on a bracelet or a necklace, however, they can also be mixed with other materials or gemstone pendants to match an outfit. is also a good source of other beading supplies, including beads and findings. The store is my one stop place for my jewelry making supplies. My necklace creations are considered by my customers as a creative and economical fashion accessory because they can coordinate with almost anything they wear.

If I buy wood beads wholesale from, I will have enough stock of these beads, and I can make pairs of earrings that match the items in my closet; and I can have all these without spending much money and breaking the bank. Then when I get tired of a piece, I just take it apart and start remaking it all over again. What I feel good about it is that I keep getting compliments about my creativity from friends and customers alike. It’s really a nice feeling receiving good feedback about your efforts.

The presents I give to friends are my handmade jewelry items from wood beads wholesale. When I need a gift to give right away, I work on very simple designs that I can finish in a hurry. With a tray of wooden beads from on my lap, I find things easy to set aside when I need to rest; and pick them back up again when I’m ready to resume work. Very convenient, isn’t it?

Why I Love To Buy Wood Beads Wholesale
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