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Why I miss the 1950's – Longing for days Gone by

The 1950’s was a fun decade. Even though the 2nd world war had just ended the decade previous to the 50’s it still felt like an innocent time. Baby boomers were being born by the thousands, people and families were getting on with their lives doing their best not to think of the hardships and devastations caused by the last war. Life was good in the USA. Drive in movie theatres were popular as were ice cream parlours. On the music scene Rock & Roll, Blues, rockabilly and Jazz Genre’s were topping the charts with such stars as Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, James Brown, Bo Diddley and many, many more artists. Motown Records was formed in 1959 by Berry Gordy.
Vehicles in the 1950’s were big loud and fun to drive. Chrome was showing up everywhere on vehicles in the USA. Both Ford and GM were extremely successful during the 50’s. Popular cars from the 1950’s included such classics as the Ford Thunderbird Convertible, The Chevrolet Bel-Air and don’t forget the stylish ride in any 1950’s Cadillac. Studebakers had fancy bullet nosed front ends. Studebaker came out with the 1953 Classic Coupe which was a sweet ride. The 1956 Corvette would be proudly owned by any car collector or fan of classic cars. In the fifties you could buy a Chrysler New Yorker for just over $4,000 and a Chevy Corvette for $3,800. Those were the days.
Drive-in theatres were very popular in the 50’s. The Drive-in was a great place to meet and socialize with friends, watch a movie on a massive screen back when televisions were no where the size that you can buy them today. Children’s playgrounds were often found in most Drive-ins to help occupy ancy children that couldn’t sit still long enough to watch a whole movie or maybe just wanted to get out of the car and see what else was going on around them. The concession stands were filled with thirsty and hungry people buying snacks and rushing back to their vehicles so they didn’t miss anything.
Ice cream parlours were a big hit in the 1950’s and for good reason. It was not just about going and enjoying your favourite flavour ice cream or float. People of all ages visited ice cream parlours for the ice cream and for the socializing. Whether it was day or night you could always find all kinds of people sitting and visiting at the ice cream parlour.
People were just friendly, polite and just wanted to get along. After the 2nd world war most people realized what was really important in life and just appreciated everything a little bit more. Television shows portrayed people as extremely polite and honest and it actually rubbed off onto the public.
Hollywood missed the fifties as well because in 1974 Happy Days aired on ABC, A sitcom which depicted a Midwest teen (Richie Cunningham) and his family and friends living in the mid fifties to mid sixties. It was a very good format and most times accurately showed the goings on of most middle class families during that time period.

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