Why is Computing Going Mobile?

Computing has been targeting the mobile market for a while now. All the advances within the computing sector are all targeted towards making computing while on the move that much easier. The mobile computing market has grown in leaps and bounds fueled by the increase in cheaper devices for the consumers, which has proved to be the driving force behind the current wave of research in the computing sector. Every company that has an interest in the computing market has been forced to reorient itself in this direction or risk obsolescence.

The first cause of the increase in mobile computing has been an exponential rise in the number of handheld devices in the market, which seems to be ever growing. This is because of an increase in wireless devices that enable communication. The development of faster networks capable of handling a larger number of communication requests per minute is aided by advances into diameter networking solutions. These networks are built because of increased peer to peer security and larger load bearing capacities. The carriers have all been forced to adopt these solutions or risk a mass migration to their competitors.

The second cause has been an increased ability to communicate as the communications networks get better and provide more coverage. Wireless devices provide their users with the convenience and luxury of being connected from anywhere and at any time. This means that users of such devices are capable of functioning in terms of communication and computing as long as they are in the range of an enabling network. The network carriers in most countries have increased their cell coverage. This means that areas that were once considered too remote to cover are now becoming more accessible. Carrier companies are investing all their resources into producing a network that provides a more stable communication connection.

The third cause has been increased functionality of handheld device. The technology that powers these devices in the form of processors and underlying software and hardware has been getting better consistently. At the current levels, the average mobile communication device the user has, especially in the form of Smartphones, come with a large capacity, memory, and processing power than the computing technology that powered the space race in the sixties. This increase in technology’s capabilities is affording mobile users better functionality on their devices. With the increase in the number of cloud services provided over the internet, the ability of a mobile device to maintain an internet connection is becoming the most crucial aspect of the device. Computing is using this to propel itself in a mobile direction.