Why is Drinking Green Tea Good for Your Skin

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Green tea has been one of the most preferred drinks for people for generations. Undoubtedly, it is the healthiest drink one could think of. Owing to its high catechin (antioxidant) contents, the green tea is known to protect one against cell damage, lower cholesterol, improve blood circulation, boost immunity, and much more. It is also known to have worked wonders for one’s skin and protect it from acne, premature aging and other skin related problems.

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Why is Drinking Green Tea Good for Your Skin, Seekyt

Most research shows that green tea yields best results when it is directly applied to the skin. There have been tangible results of green tea and its extracts being applied to the skin and curing it of acne and other skin problems. But there is very little to no evidence as to how drinking green tea can help achieve better skin.

Some studies that used skin biopsies have revealed that green tea had actually helped in reducing Glutathione in people suffering from acne. Glutathione is generally caused by toxins such as lead. There was no solid evidence saying that drinking green tea had achieved these results but applying it on to the skin did have a Glutathione protecting effect.

Furthermore, drinking tea has shown to increase the amount of antioxidants found both in blood as well as the skin. In theory, it is believed that extra antioxidant protection can help protect the skin against the free radicals that are generated from UV exposure.

The consumption of green tea can produce many short-term beneficial and noticeable changes that such as:

  • Increased Skin Moisture

  • Smoothness of Skin

  • Reduced Redness and Rashness of Skin

  • Increased Photo Protection in the Skin

  • Enhanced Antioxidant Activity in the Skin

  • Reduced Damage of Skin DNA

These short term visible changes have not been seen to translate into long term benefits. However, drinking green tea can make your skin supple and soft along with fighting off the aging signs.

Apart from this, green tea has other useful benefits as well. Drinking two to three cups of this delicious drink can help you relax, aid in your weight loss efforts, facilitate the growth of healthy cells, promote heart health, boost your immune system, and facilitate blood circulation, among many others.

To prepare your green tea, add one or two teaspoons of green tea leaves to a boiling cup of water. You can use a tea strainer for this purpose. Let the tea leaves steep in the cup for about five minutes. Refrigerate it or add ice if you prefer to drink it chilled. Drinking three cups in a day is perfectly fine as the caffeine content in green tea is way less that found in coffee. Green tea therefore is a great way to promote good health. Moreover, your drinking style and your cup is also an important character for a healthy body. You can purchase tea set or you can also buy cup and saucer set online in India from Arttdinox.

While it is great to browse through physical stores, alternatively you can buy a cup and saucer set and a tea set online from many Indian retailers.

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Why is Drinking Green Tea Good for Your Skin, Seekyt
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