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Why is Indoor Rock Climbing so Important for a Growing Child


Indoor rock climbing has become a real phenomenon in recent years thanks to its combination of physical exercise and feeling of accomplishment when reaching the top. While rock climbing is mostly associated with adults, it can be a very important activity for a growing child as well. The indoor rock climbing walls of today also include designs that are perfect for growing children.

There are a number of ways that this activity can provide benefits for a growing child. Naturally, you will need to find a location that offers climbing walls that are designed for children, but the results after just a session or two will make positive impacts in the following areas.

Why is Indoor Rock Climbing so Important for a Growing Child

Improves Problem Solving Skills

One great aspect about indoor rock climbing walls is that they offer several ways to reach the top. However, each child will have to use their imagination combined with determination to find the best route for themselves. In essence, rock climbing is a puzzle that each child will need to solve on their own. Plus, this will stimulate the child’s imagination as they try new ways to reach the top. This is a very healthy, safe challenge that will help expand the limits of a child’s potential.

Creates Confidence

To a child, many of the challenges that we face as adults can seemingly be scary. By allowing your child to rock climb indoors in a safe, protected environment will help them build the confidence and self esteem needed to face the new challenges that await them in life. To overcome fears is a very valuable less that children can learn while climbing the wall, particularly when it comes to heights. Probably the best part is that making mistakes or slipping is fine as the child is protected from falling and will learn to try again.

Why is Indoor Rock Climbing so Important for a Growing Child

Stay Fit

It takes coordination, strength and good flexibility to successfully climb the wall and maneuver around to find the best places to grip. The more a child climbs, the more their core strength is built as their muscles must grow so they can improve. Combining indoor rock wall climbing with other activities such as playing football, swimming, tennis and the like will also improve their coordination as well as keeping fit. Plus, there is very little chance for injury when climbing the walls in a protected environment.

Have Fun

Indoor rock climbing is a lot of fun as it combines the activities of climbing and solving the puzzle to get to the top. This is a very low impact, yet constant motion exercise that will burn energy and help kids rise the challenge of reaching the top of the wall. The benefits will last for a long time, but most importantly they will be interested because it is a great deal of fun.

A lifetime of fitness starts at a young age when children find interesting activities that engage the brain as well as the body. Indoor rock climbing offers such challenges to children and adults alike which is very low impact, yet very challenging and rewarding while it improves their overall health.

Why is Indoor Rock Climbing so Important for a Growing Child
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