Why is it Good to Reboot Computer?

The first instinct that comes to the mind of a user is to reboot the computer whenever faced with an issue. It often seems like the most viable solution. Even IT experts recommend doing it often for troubles that you face. Why is it required, this is what you need to discover.

Even a technology geek would suggest that you reboot the system when you complain about a trouble. It is a simple solution to the problem that you are facing. However, it does seem weird that just by rebooting the issue often seems to disappear. Given here are some possible scenarios to help you understand all about it and why you should do it.

Why system restart?

It is important to know why you need to restart the system to deal with computer problems. Given here are some possible scenarios where rebooting is required.

• Window freeze with a blue screen of death or the BSOD. It is seemingly low-frequency system error that is due to hardware driver issue or some hardware malfunction. At this stage, it is hard for Window to recover. It halts to gather information about the trouble and restarts the system automatically. It is the restart that fixes the trouble of BSOD.

• If Windows Vista or any new version of Windows is troubled with graphics driver crash the graphical effects vanish. There is a process that goes on behind Windows that enables in restarting the graphics driver.

Reboot fix troubles

Not every problem needs to reboot computer; there are only a handful of system problems that require a restart.

Given here are some troubles that require a system restart:

• When Windows is slow or low in performance, the underlying trouble can be that of a rogue program. The CPU might be compromised, this requires using task manager to look for it and kill the process or program. For an average user rebooting is the best option.

• When a program like Firefox is using up memory space the memory gets compromised. It has been known for draining memory on PCs. System slow is often the trouble that one encounters. Quitting the Firefox is one way to resolve the issue as on restarting it there will be no trouble at all. For any software that is posing a threat to memory or results in memory leaks, you can just quit the process and restart.

• Problems related to Wi-Fi and internet connectivity or a small software trouble on modem or a router can be dealt with easily. You can reset the router by unplugging it from the socket and then plug it in again. The restart process too is all about rebooting and computer repair. When the power is back you will find the connectivity is regained.

• When you restart the system, then the current trouble is wiped off, and a new copy gets loaded. The code due to which the trouble started will be swept away when you power off/ on.

Soft and hard resets

There are two resets that are performed; this includes the soft reset and the hard reset.

When you perform the soft reset, you just restart the device normally by turning off and then on.

The hard reset includes going back to the default state of software.

Both the fixes or methods of reset provide solution to similar troubles. For example, if you are not able to counter the computer problems related to reboot or malware infection then restarting is not the option. The related files might be infected and contain errors. It would require fresh software installation or resetting of the PC. It will wipe off the hard drive and restore the system to its former state.

The method is much better than analyzing the hard drive of the system that takes a while to understand the exact cause. Additionally, even after diagnosing the problem, you will still have to ensure that the system is clean of the infection. Instead of going through all the trouble it is better to start the system from a clean slate.


Whenever you are facing computer problems then performing a restart helps. It is all about removing the current trouble and allowing the system to reboot with a clean start. This way it is much easier, and it helps in fixing troubles in an easy way rather than resorting to various complicated means.