Why Is Make IT Deals the Best Collaboration Platform for Your IT Solutions?

In today’s world, technology plays a very significant part in the running of any business. But finding the right resource or the right opportunity to showcase your technological expertise is not a child’s play.

Here, comes into picture a platform that offers a unique market place for technology buyers to interact with technology providers and set a chord. This is called MakeITDeals.

Who all can benefit from this platform?

  1. Clients looking for partners in technology sector
  2. Startups searching Clients
  3. Organizations who intend to start new LOB
  4. Companies captivating M&A
  5. Investors or VCs exploring new investment opportunities
  6. Organizations initiating project based partnership
  7. Product Companies attracting new partners
  8. Clients who intend to initiate the talk to another client using similar technology or enroll a similar partner
  9. Clients attempting to set up ODC/Captives in India
  10. Partners planning to create an alliance with another partner

How can clients and partners benefit from this global market place?

  1. Powerful Search Engine : This platform boasts of a powerful search engine wherein clients can search for the right kind of skilled partners to fulfill even niche technological requirements. This is probably the reason why global giants like New York Life and Garland and Mellina have also registered with them. Partners also have access to the right clientele to make use of their skill and knowledge.
  2. Deal Teasers : This is a unique way by which clients present what they have to offer in an opportunity to their would be technological partners.
  3. Analytics : Analytics helps clients analyze how their opportunity is being viewed, what activity is going around their opportunity and how they can improvise on it.
  4. Deal Matching : We understand that finding the right solutions partner has never been easy. And that is probably where a feature like deal matching is extremely useful. It analyzes the requirements mentioned in the opportunity posted by a client and what a solutions partner has to offer and then provides the perfect match for a cracking a deal.
  5. Deal Alerts : In today’s times, we understand how busy and occupied one is. That is why a feature like deal alerts is provided which notifies the partners about a new opportunity being posted and how it is relevant to the solutions partner.
  6. Security : We understand the sensitivity of your information. That is why the highest level of encryption and security technology is provided in order to protect client information provided on the platform.