Why Is My Family So Poor and How Do We Get Rich?

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You shouldn’t be ashamed of belonging to a poor family; you shouldn’t waste energy thinking about what others think about you. Instead the key to changing your life is to look at the reasons why you’re poor and then find ways to become rich. I was born in a very poor family, my father worked all his life and ruined his health and consequently my mother preached that money was the root of all evil, this was not the best of starts but fortunately I am beginning to turn things round.

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The viscous cycle of poverty can creep up on anyone and ignorance is something that you should be wary of. The reason I wrote this article other than to make money was to bring to everyone’s attention four habits that caused my family’s finances to go downhill, if you can relate to these habits and start becoming aware and then change the way you think you will have a chance to turn things around.

Wrong: Money is the Root of All Evil

Right: Money Helps Your Family and Others

From an early age I got the impression that money was dirty and was the reason for most of the problems in the world, I thought of money as being the root of all evil without even analyzing my perceptions and paradigm.

After becoming confused and frustrated with being poor I started to analyse my paradigms and came to the conclusion that money can be used to do good, it can be used to help people and it can offer a better standard and quality of life.

I reprogrammed my brain by continually repeating to myself that money is not everything but it is very important and gives the opportunity to have security and independence and gives you the opportunity to help others in need.

Wrong: Ambition is the Root of all evil!

Right: Ambition Helps People to Achieve and Then Help Others

As a youngster I did not have much but I was really grateful with what I did have. Because most of my friends had the latest computer games I wanted to same but I knew my family could not afford it, instead I always thought about making more money. Whenever we spoke about money or making money we were chastised immediately.

We felt guilty bringing an idea to make money on the table and consequently our drive, ambition and need to succeed were suppressed. I managed to get out of this habit by continually reminding myself that it’s not a sin to be ambitious, as long as you’re not greedy and help others then ambition can be a great thing. If I’m ambitious and I manage to accumulate a million dollars then imaging how many people I can help with my money!

Wrong: We Don’t Talk About Money, Its’ Vulgar!

Right: We Want to Learn More about Money

As a family we were prohibited from talking about money, it was banned. The only times we spoke about money was when we needed to buy something or pay a bill.

Our combined financial literacy and financial IQ was non-existent and consequently we did not progress at all. It was hard to see others being successful while we were being held back unbeknownst how detrimental it was to our future and family.

I finally broke out of this habit with my own family; we promote a culture of speaking freely about money in moderation. We don’t want our children to become obsessed with money but they need to learn how important it is after religion.

Wrong: We Don’t Mix With Financially Successful People!

Right: We Could Learn so Much from the Rich and Wealthy

As a family we did not network much outside of our religious circles, religion became very important to me and it was religion than opened my eyes to the fact that we can learn from successful rich wealthy people about how to manage money and help others less fortunate.

There is no sin in mixing with successful people, they are not snobs, they like to keep themselves surrounded with like minded people and we can learn so much from them. After realizing this I started networking with personal finance bloggers and other successful people so I can learn, increase my wealth and help the less fortunate.

Break the Cycle of Poverty

It’s hard to break the cycle of poverty especially when it’s ingrained in your brain and feels like it’s set in stone. The good news is that it can be done, if you’re sick and tired of being rich then this is the impetus required to break out of the gravitational pull of poverty so that you can explore life being rich and wealthy.

I have personally made sweeping changes to how we do things; we have a library full of personal development and personal finance books, we play monopoly with our kids and we talk about money and how important it is. All these habits will lay the foundation of successful financial futures for everyone for every generation to come. Break the cycle! Start a Legacy, Your grandchildren will love you for it.

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Why Is My Family So Poor and How Do We Get Rich?, Seekyt
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