Why Kids' Wall Stickers Shouldn't be Overlooked

Wall stickers are a great way to brighten up your child’s bedroom without spending too much on children’s decor.

Wall stickers come in a large variety of colors, designs and moods. Kid’s ranges have everything from animals to glow in the dark stars so there is plenty of choice to match with the bedroom’s theme or colors.

The Benefits of Wall Stickers

Many wall stickers today are removable making them great for rental homes where adding a splash of paint or making other big changes to a child’s room is not a good option. Yet even if you own your own home removable stickers mean a child’s room can change as they grow. This can be very helpful as children’s interests change dramatically as they get older. Either way removable wall stickers mean you can decorate and brighten up your child’s room in minutes without making any changes that cannot be undone.

Another great benefit of wall stickers is that they are easy to apply so you don’t need to hire a tradesman or interior designer. This not only makes decorating more fun and personal but it also decreases how much you will need to spend to create a lovely looking bedroom.

Wall stickers and children's decor

Wall stickers are also an easy to clean option. Most are made of material that just wipes clean and with removable wall stickers – if your child happens to damage them in some way it’s so easy to remove and reapply another sticker (it can even be the same design if you don’t want to change decor).

Probably the best thing of all though is the price. Wall stickers generally sell for $5 to $30 and the pack usually includes multiple stickers, as seen with the Vivid Colorful Butterflies and RoomMates Tree Decal wall sticker packs so you can create a great wall design. This makes for a cheap design idea – especially when you can stick them to the wall yourself and end up with a professional looking result, as seen here with the RoomMates Tree Decor stickers.