Why Make a Picture Book Online?

It’s not just aspiring children’s book writers that can benefit from publishing their own picture book online.

Why Make Your Own Picture Book?

  • Parents can create a special picture book to help their children understand and cope with difficult situations. Having a book written by a parent can sometimes be more useful than buying a book that written for children in general. The parenting book Homemade Books to Help Kids Cope can help you create a picture book for your child.
  • Parents with an adoptive or foster child can also create Lifebooks for their children. In this situation creating a book that will take some wear and tear is important. If you are needing a good book about creating Lifebooks try Lifebooks Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child.
  • Professionals working with children, like teachers, often need a children’s book that is very specific. One option is to create your own.
  • Finally don’t forget the possibility of creating a picture book as a gift for Grandparents or other loved ones. In this case the picture book story and pictures should be created by the child.

Although it is possible to create a book and staple the pages together getting it printed (even just one copy) makes the book more long lasting as it is less likely to tear. It also creates a beautiful present.

Making a Picture Book Online

Now-days there are many cheap self publishing websites, some even dedicated to creating picture books that are easy to use. This makes it easy and affordable to create a picture book without having to have large numbers of books printed. Most websites will accept an order for a single picture book to be published. You can find these websites with a Google search.

Tips for Creating a Children’s Picture Book

Writing for children is different than writing for adults. When writing for a child remember to:

  • Keep the words you use child-friendly. Too many big words that a child does not know will make the story hard for them to understand or enjoy.
  • Include pictures or artwork. This is very important, especially when the book will be for a younger child because pictures help tell a story to children. You can create the pictures yourself, have a child create them or you can use cheap stock photos. When creating or choosing pictures think about how they will fit into the book pages with the text.
  • Use art materials that will look good when the pictures are printed if you are creating the pictures yourself. Try art materials that have deep colors like paint, crayons or markers rather than colored pencils. Collage artwork may also work well.
  • Always read through the text of your book for clarity, grammar and spelling before you upload the material for printing.
  • Be creative. This includes remembering that not all children’s books need words. There are many children’s books written by professionals that only have pictures. A book like this can act as a springboard for discussion with a child.
  • Keep your audience in mind. This means if you are creating the book for a child (rather than as a present for an adult relative) make sure you are creating for a child.
  • Have a look at a few published picture books to see how it’s done.