Why Malta Fund Investments are Such a Hit?

Do you want to know why many investors are willing to invest in Malta? Keep reading to know more! As you all know, in today’s time, investments and funds have become all the rage. Every person, whether he is a small trader or a big businessman, wants to invest in funds in order to get a higher return and therefore, make money by earning more profit. But, do you know what is becoming even more popular these days? It is Malta fund investment and Malta fund services.

Why Malta is a much preferred choice?

Yes, it is true that many of the investors are willing to set up Malta Fund Services and more and more people want to set up in Malta. There are a number of reasons for such an event. Some of the reasons for this are given below:

Low cost of operations

Today, when you think of setting up a fund, the first thing that will cross your mind is how much amount of investment will be required. So, think if you are given a choice to reduce such costs, then wouldn’t you opt for it as well? Well, this is the reason why Malta fund investment is becoming popular. The company set up there is relatively lower than other places and also, the cost of operations is also very low in comparison with the others. Now, low cost of operations mean a lot of money is saved from operations and this is why it is becoming a favored choice.

The set up time is less

This is again one of the major reasons why Malta is becoming a favorite of investors. The reason is that the process of the set up of the company is fairly quick that other places. Also, another very strong reason as to why Malta fund investment is grabbing eyeballs is because there is no problem faced with the process of setting up of funds unlike any other place. In Malta, the funds can easily be set up within two to three months.

The best of services are available

As it is a known fact that setting up of funds requires some services like accountancy, the availability of lawyers, etc. This decision has to be taken wisely. However, the very best of Malta fund services is available here as there are a lot of fund administrators and accountancy firms that are located here. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the setup services as the best ones are available at this place itself.

Not falling under the tax zone

This is probably why Malta is becoming a hot seller in the world of funds and investments. Malta does not fall in the Financial Transaction Tax zone and therefore, is a great place for investors.

The set up of funds is easy

Another very good thing is that in Malta, you can manage the funds through the formation of an investment committee thereby ensuring that there is no compulsion or any requirement to have a management company. This is a huge benefit as there is no added cost or expenditure associated with the workings of the management company as the funds can be managed by ownself. Therefore, this results in the saving of costs as well as time.

Various other tax exemptions

Another very amazing thing is that the funds are exempted from corporation tax. Also, a very good quality is that the effective tax rate on management companies happens to be only five percent. Also, the jurisdiction here has more than fifty double tax treaties.

So, don’t think that as an investor, it is a very lucrative choice to make?