Why Mosquitoes Cannot Transmit HIV

HIV virus is one of the most scared types of virus because there has not been an antidote to cure them. Thus since the early discovery of the virus, many speculations has been made in regards to the way they are transmitted into human beings. One of the incorrect myths that remain regarding to HIV virus transmission is through mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects. The myths itself is still very much alive until now, generating public concern in result. Even so, research has been conducted by experts that support the findings that mosquitoes cannot transmit HIV virus. Here are several reasons why mosquitoes are incapable of transmitting HIV virus to human being.

Mosquitoes Will Digest HIV Virus

Mosquitoes are deemed to be an insect that could spread many types of disease. Various type of disease such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, and west nile virus are few of the prime example that we can get from a mosquito bite. Thus it is not a strange thing that people will suspect mosquitoes to be incapable of transmitting HIV virus as people could get HIV infections from the use of syringe. But that notion is entirely untrue for various reasons.

mosquito bite

When a mosquito feed on a person, they will not inject blood from its previous victim. Instead they inject their saliva through our body. HIV itself could not infect saliva thus they can enter human’s body through mosquitoes. Furthermore, research done by Center for Disease Control (CDC) stated that HIV virus is treated as a food within mosquitoes’ body. Thus they are digested by mosquito’s digestive enzymes along with the blood food. Therefore, although mosquitoes might transmit viruses such as dengue and malaria, HIV is not one of them.

mosquito aids transmissionThe Nature of HIV Virus

One of the reason that we can learn to deny the myths of mosquitoes as an HIV transmitter is by looking at the nature of HIV virus. HIV virus cannot live outside human’s body for long. Thus with mosquitoes’ enzyme as a digestive system, HIV virus could only live inside mosquitoes’ body for 1-2 days max. And mosquitoes are never feed on people before they finish digest their previous meals. Furthermore, HIV virus needs to be on certain amount in order to be infectious. Even between human, HIV virus could not be infected if it is on a small amount. With mosquitoes never ingest enough HIV virus particle, it is impossible for mosquitoes to transmit HIV virus.