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1990, upon the release of Mr Mandela we went from a oppressive state to a state of freedom and suppression. Suppression after years of anger and resentment for the way we were treated-so harshly and cruelly. Then in 1994, the transition was from an apartheiod state to a pseudo-democracy. Mr mandela was in the spirit of reconciliation. After his retirement we realsise it was all a sham. Yes a shamocracy waqs born. No there was no future for the european and many others in this country. There is still too this very day no chance for a European president anywhere in Africa. African anger swill never subside and therefore no one is safe.

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I am going to share with you some reasons why our democracy failed and I hope you will bear with me and not find it too tedious.

1. There are in effect too many chiefs and too few Indians. Yes too many people want to be in charge and have a say while there is no one to do the work. Indians are another matter all together. Many joined the struggle for selfish reasons to furthewr their own ambitions. It was called in the old days the hijacking of the struggle. They wanted to make a name for themselves and even went so far as marrying European women. All this while professing anti-apartheid sentiments. This rendered them incapacitated to be effecxtive in the struggle as they had divided loyalties and conflicts of interests.

Many Coloured and African struggle veterans did the same thing. What have they done for the people, to deserve anything? Im ashamed to say-sweet bugger all. Yet they returned in their droves during the return of the exiles to claim their place in the new democratically-elected government and a huge financial reward. Also their place in the histrory books was guaranteed. What makes one a struggle hero in South Africa-it boggles the mind.

2. Too many political parties claiming to have South Africa’s best interests at heart, instead with hidden agendas to destabilise and ruin our beloved country.

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