Why Ramen Noodles are not a good food choice

Ramen Noodles seem like the perfect cheap soup. You can make a soup in an instant and have is an easy meal to make. You might think that it is healthy for you but Ramen Noodles are not a healthy food for you.

First of all the little packet that has the chicken or beef flavor has 1000 milligrams of sodium. This is alot of salt for a product to have and can cause your blood pressure to rise. As many of us know eating foods high in sodium will lead to high blood pressure. Having high blood pressure may lead to a stroke or heart attack. It would be wise to not eat this food alot because it has a huge amount of sodium. Sodium is salt and as we know alot of salt is bad for us. For those people that love Ramen Noodles they should not eat this food alot because it will cost them later on. We have to eat foods low in sodium so that we will avoid getting high blood pressure and which can give us a stroke or heart attack.

Also high blood pressure will damage your heart and kidneys in the long run. This is a terrible situation that we can avoid by simply not eating foods high in salt or sodium. Working as a driver for disable people i took alot of patients to dialysis centers and it was a scary experience. When most of the patients i picked up to take home would come out exhausted and weary from the dialysis. Health is precious and by not eating salty foods we can enjoy good health. Ramen Noodles is also a white food similar to white bread which is bad for us. Eating too much Ramen Noodle soup will get you at risk for diabetes and high blood pressure and will put your health at risk.

High sodium foods are the culprit for many people who get strokes or heart attacks and end up in a wheel chair such as my uncle. My uncle had three strokes which he could have avoided by taking his medicine and not eating high sodium foods. Now the poor guy is in a wheel chair. This was a guy who was strong and in good health before this terrible thing happened to him. In order to avoid such a tragedy avoid eating salty or high sodium foods.