Why Responsive Website Design is a Must for Your Business

To maximize the returns on investment, it is important for every business to expand its reach. Hence, every organization should target both mobile and desktop internet users. Previously, businesses had to create two different websites for different modes due to the difference in screen size, but thanks to the concept of responsive website design, now you can develop one website that can work on mobile, desktop and tablets.

A responsive website changes its screen size according to the device in which it is viewed. From an SEO point of view, opting for responsive web design is preferable than creating two separate websites. Given below are three major reasons for hiring responsive web design services

  • Google approves of it

To remain on the top, it is important to design your website as per Google’s guidelines. After all, the search giant accounts for 67% of search market share. As per Google’s recent report, the search engine prefers responsive website over mobile website designs. When two different websites are developed for mobile and desktop users, Google’s algorithm ranks them differently based on their merits. For any online business, the search rankings of their mobile website may not be the same as that of their desktop sites. Thus, Google recommends digital marketing professionals to stick to one URL with a responsive website design so that they can put their undivided focus on promoting it for increasing sales.

  • User experience

A responsive website is much easier for site visitors using different devices to share and interact. Take for example, a situation when mobile internet user sends a link to another user who is browsing on a desktop. A responsive website will provide the best experience on both the devices. According to Google, the user experience of a website should be a determining factor for search rankings. Thus, Google’s algorithm prefers a site with responsive design in search rankings.

Apart from developing a single website for both mobile and desktop, another reason to opt for responsive web design is the user experience. Online business is sure to be more successful if the site visitors find a website that is compatible with the screen size of their device. Any mobile site is always designed for a specific device and screen size, and so, it is not likely to fit well in most other devices. Thus, it is in the interest of your online business to hire a digital marketing firm specializing in responsive web design services.

  • Cost Savings and ease in management

As a substantial amount is needed to hire the services of web design and Development Company for website design, there is no point in spending for two. The cost of developing a single responsive website is lower compared to two different websites. Furthermore, if we factor in the cost of professional time needed for management of two websites, the estimated expense is even higher. Thus, responsive web design is a cost-effective option if you are considering mobile SEO services for your online business.


Google recommends responsive website designs. It makes managing your SEO campaign easy and also provides an amazing user experience across various devices and screen sizes.