News Why Shingles Reoccur

Why Shingles Reoccur


Why shingles reoccur may be a mystery to some people, but not to me. After 40 years or more of shingles breakouts I have learned what triggers shingles breakouts and how to control them. Yes, shingles reoccur, but there is hope in knowing that you can manage the outbreaks. You may also be wondering why you had a shingles breakout in the first place. The primary reason is that at some point you had chicken pox and the same virus that caused it still lies dormant waiting to be activated by a weakened immune system or shingles trigger. This virus is known as the varicella-zoster virus and is in the same family as the herpes virus.

For the most part a weak immune system is why shingles reoccur. It doesn’t take much sometimes for a shingles breakout to occur depending on how many unhealthy lifestyle habits you indulge in. Living a healthy lifestyle is your best defense against shingles breakouts. While it may be hard to cut back or completely cut out certain foods and drinks as well as people, places and things, it is what is necessary if you want to avoid shingles.

Okay, now that you know why shingles reoccur what are you willing to do about it? If you’re smart you will start to cut back or cut out sugar, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, junk foods and drinks as well as people and places that cause you to stress out. Anything that breaks down the immune system is a no no! Will it be easy? Probably not, however, it is doable if you don’t want to incur painful shingles blisters and permanent scarring after the fact.

The healthier you are the less you will experience shingles outbreaks. If you don’t believe me give it a try and prove me wrong. At age 60 I only have about two shingles outbreaks a year as compared to one a month or more back in my 20’s. What’s the difference? Lifestyle changes and avoiding shingles triggers is what has made the difference. One more thing I do is take Lysine supplements, which also help reduce shingles outbreaks.

That’s it, if these shingles remedies work for me they will work for you or anyone who is willing to do what needs to be done.

Why Shingles Reoccur
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