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Why Sitefinity CMS is in Trend Now? You Must Know

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution that helps in building excellent websites, portals, blogs, intranet/extranet solutions, and the like?

Do you need such a platform that offers you custom functionality when it comes to having a web solution that suits your needs?

If so, then Sitefinity will prove to be the right choice.

This .NET content management system has marked its presence all across the globe with its rich features and ease of use. No wonder why it is being used by some of the top businesses of the world!

As a matter of fact, when it comes to offering a customized web presence tailored to your business needs, Sitefinity development can surely be the right option to go for! This is because the flexibility and extensibility that it provides to the developers in creating a powerful and user-friendly website is certainly a representation of its excellence.

Why Sitefinity CMS is in trend?

There are various reasons which collectively make this CMS a great option to exercise when you are looking for a high end platform for your online presence. Some of these reasons are listed below:


When it comes to using this platform, you do not need to be tech savvy or to have excellent HTML knowledge. You can easily update your website’s content in a matter of just few minutes! All that you need to do is to type and enter the content in the WYSIWYG editor and you are done!

URL Routing

With Sitefinity you get the option to assign multiple URLs to a single webpage. This will help you to become search engine friendly. You just need to add a URL which is easy for customers to remember and search.

An array of solutions

There is a huge list of Sitefinity solutions that can help contemporary businesses to make the most of this platform. Some of these solutions are: installation and set-up services, consulting services, shopping cart integration, Sitefinity migration services payment gateway integration, custom-built modules and widgets, customized website designs, CRM integration, social media integration, and the rest.

Real-Time Update Functionality

With this functionality, uploading content in a single click becomes a reality! Thus, you can upload content as and when you want, without any difficulty! So, say no to hassles or sluggish platforms which take a lot of time and efforts to upload the content, and go for Sitefinity.

Customization plays a key role

There is no denying the fact that every business is different. All of us need to have a web presence that depicts our style and meets our requirements in the right manner. And with Sitefinity, it becomes possible! The platform offers great functionalities that will help you give your web application the customized look and feel that you want.

From the option to change the fonts, colors, to helping you choose what information should be displayed where, everything is made easy when it comes to this platform! In fact, you can also add pages, and move them within the website in an easy manner!

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