Why Social Networking Sites Are Important For Today’s Teens?

Can spending long hours on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ actually help teens in school? Why do today’s students use social media? Social networking sites have rapidly become an important part of various individual’s daily lives, especially for our youngsters who have grown up with advanced skills at their fingertips.

Social media sites offer several opportunities for interactivity and learning, and if you get a second to imagine about it, it is not extremely tough to think how students take advantage from using social networking sites. Our young generation uses such high-technologies in the class, they reconstruct the educational landscape. Today’s students are facing the world through more than just assignments and books. Actually, they are reading and understanding to the world with the help of relatively innovative type of communication. In this world where links are really significant, youngsters are coming into the place of work with lots to offer.

Social Networking for Teenagers:

Social networking sites are important to use the internet to interact, build connections and make communities with individuals who share general interests.

Nowadays, Some Popular Social networking Sites for Teenagers: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ to:

  • build online profiles
  • connect and follow popular groups
  • send and receive messages
  • give comments to other people’s videos, photos and posts
  • upload videos, photos and other important links and they are able to tag other individuals, or tagged by other people

Some teenagers also link with other individuals with the help of online gaming websites.

What Your Teen Obtains from Social Media Websites?

Social media sites are like a platform of face-to-face communication and interactions. So the major advantage your teen might get from using social media websites is an intelligence of link and belonging to peers, relatives and family.

Social media websites let your teen share what he or she is doing and how he/she is feeling, link with new people, stay in touch with others, and knowing other communities according to their shared interests.

Teen can get lots of other advantages from using social media websites, including:

  • Psychological health and well being: an intelligence of new links and belonging is actually great for teen’s self-esteem. Teen might be capable to find assistance with things that are disturbing his/her to regular with social sites.
  • Creativity: Teen can become more creative and innovative with profile pages, video uploads, photos, comments and posts and so on.
  • Engagement of political and civic: Teen can obtain important information about explore ideas and values, aware of current affairs and able to take action on difficulties.
  • Improved studying results: nowadays, a large number of schools use social media sites for educational purpose and to promote collaboration and sharing essential information
  • Digital literacy: experimenting and exploring on social media sites helps teens develop skills and knowledge for their successful professional life.

Essence of the Article:

There are loads of genuine reasons for teens’ usage of social media – create professional contacts, keep in touch with friends, stay up-to-date with daily affairs, aware with daily news, share a funny audio & video and many more. Very famous Professor has revealed in their research that students make strong and good bonds when they connect with relatives and school friends on social media sites. It is actually a pretty thing that involving in social networking sites might be helpful them to build and deepen their bonds over time.