Why Take Cold Showers?

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I never thought about taking cold showers until recently. I have always heard of athletes taking ice baths and wanted to learn more. I came to find out that cold showers can provide many wide-range benefits so I decided to try. I was a little uncomfortable the first time i stepped in the cold shower. The temperature was a little overwhelming. I almost screamed. But after controlling my breathing a getting in the moment it got better. The second time I tried, it was a little easier and I knew what to expect. I have grown to now enjoy them. The results from cold showers were very positive for me and here are some of the immediate benefits that I have noticed:

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Increased energy and mood – Right when you step in the shower, you immediately wake up a little more. Throughout the day, you should notice you feel better than normal. Cold showers can help be a substitute to caffeine or a normal ritual to wake you up.

Healthier skin and hair – Warm or hot water often will dry out your skin. Switching to cold water will help this problem.

Help you stay awake – Many people want more waking hours in their day. Cold showers will help you accomplish this by increasing blood flow through the body. The increased circulation will also help your overall health.

Recovery and swelling – As I said earlier, many athletes use cold water therapy in their recovery. This may include ice baths or cold showers. If you are an athlete or like to train, cold showers will help you recover much quicker.

Burn more calories – By lowering your body temperature through cold showers, your body will have to burn calories to come back to normal body temperature. This is a big plus for people on a diet or trying to lose weight.

Reduces stress – Many people have issues with stress and are constantly looking for a solution. Cold showers have helped me when I notice I am stressed out. It brings me into the present moment and puts my body at ease.

Other Hidden Benefits

Increased testosterone

Strengthens you immunity

Helps with depression

Deepens your breathing

One of the aspects of trying cold showers that I find really appealing is the challenge of walking into an uncomfortable situation. You can make it a challenge for yourself and prove that you can overcome difficult situations. This may sound a little odd at first, but it has helped my anxiety to a certain degree. To start out, possibly try taking one cold shower a day for a week and see how it goes. If you have trouble at first, try using a cold shower technique called the James Bond shower. This is where you enter a warm shower, wash your hair, then gradually turn down the water till it is cool/cold.

This was an easy and interesting personal experiment that I have tried. Hopefully it works for you as well!

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