Why the Kind of Car You Drive Can Cost You More Than Just the Sticker Price

There are many decisions that need to be made when you are looking to buy a car. Make, model, year and upgraded options are just a few. The price of a car is important because you need to stay within your budget. Whether you are going to finance a new or used car or just pay cash for an older car, there is more to consider about car buying.

Maybe you are looking for an economy car because you commute to work. The car could be for your teenager who has just gotten their drivers license. Perhaps you have finally gotten to a stage in your life where you feel that you can afford that dream, luxury car you always wanted. The one thing that many people do not consider when choosing a car to buy is car maintenance.

Do you have the attitude that since it is a brand new car it won’t be breaking down any time soon? That may be true but maintenance of a new car can be costly. Have you thought about the costs of doing a simple oil change on your new vehicle?

Some people might argue that their car comes with a warranty. Warranties should be read in order to avoid assumptions. Many warranties do not cover normal wear on a vehicle. What is normal wear? In some cases, brakes are considered normal wear. If you are a commuter, you may wear your brakes out faster than someone who works locally. If the make and model car you choose does not have aftermarket brake pads and rotors as a cost-cutting option, original equipment parts will cost you much more.

Auto mechanics are another thing to think about. The local guy who has been doing your repairs may not know much about the new car you are buying. If your heated seats suddenly fail, does he have the knowledge to fix them? You may need to pay for a higher priced mechanic to do the repairs.

What about the routine stuff? If your car’s manufacturer requires that you use only synthetic oil for oil changes, that can change the cost of a simple oil change. Some vehicles require that you only use premium gasoline in them. Ignore the car manufacturer’s recommendations and you could be doing damage to the engine.

These are only a few of the reasons why you should do thorough research on any vehicle that you are interested in purchasing. There are several websites where consumers share information about common repairs, maintenance and fuel efficiency. Sites like Consumer Reports rate cars and SUVs to help the consumer decide which ones are the best buy for their dollar.

Maintaining your car will help you to be able to keep in on the road longer. Knowing how much that could cost you before you buy it will mean fewer surprises later on.