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Why The Ladies Dutch Bicycle Should Win You Over


When you start looking at bikes for women at there are a lot of choices. One that attracts attention for its looks is the ladies Dutch bicycle. This is a classic looking bike, but some women wonder if it can really deliver sport or commuting performance. The answer is yes. The Dutch bicycle is considered a classic, but it was designed to be wholly functional. It also suits the female rider very well. From its frame to the seating to the accessories, there is a lot to like on a Dutch bike.

Why have they come back?

A classic style bike more associated with the 40s and 50s, the Dutch bike is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Much of its return to fame has to do with the innovative blending of modern bike components with vintage style and complete functionality. They provide you with a way to get around that looks good, is affordable and gets the job done.

Comfort seating

The classic seat of the Dutch bike is very distinctive. It is wide across the saddle, well cushioned and often set on solid support springs. This is much different from the new style seats that are harder and thinner. Many women find this seat style idea. It provides adequate hip support without being too long to create chafing.

The upright ride

A lot of women have found that the ride of Dutch bike is significantly more comfortable for them than other bikes, and that has little to do with the comfort seating. The seat arrangement and tilt of the handlebars pushes your body posture into an upright position – a “proper” sitting position. This can alleviate stress on the lower back and make riding much less tiring for a woman. This is why when you shop at any of the speciality bicycle store, like BikesorBicycles (BikesOrBicycles.com), the experts recommend these types of bikes over others for women. The bent over position that is typical for those with a powerful upper body. If you aren’t planning to spend your afternoons pumping iron, this riding style can be the key to really enjoying your time out.

Full mud flaps

The front and rear tires come with standard mud flaps to keep rain and mud off you. The Dutch bike also typically features a half triangle fender that is located on the rear wheel. It protects the back of the rider and the seat better than the typical narrow fender style. As an added bonus, it also serves as protection and support for any rear carrying bags.

The chain guard

One of the other standout features that makes this style of bike easily recognizable is the full cover chain guards. While many commuter bikes have a top half chain guard to protect your legs, Dutch bikes have a full guard. This protects your legs, clothing and it also protects the chain from road grime. A build-up of grime or salt can damage the chain. You can get longer use with less service with this style of cover because a clean chain also means a clean gearing system. The cover protects that too.

Able to hold more

The strong frame of these kinds of bikes is one of the reasons why they became so popular in the countryside. You can fit them with multiple baskets and racks to carry whatever you need. In the city, there are styles of containers that are easy to take on and off as well. If you don’t want to load yourself down with a rucksack, and want the ability to carry groceries – then these bikes are perfect for you. They are designed to be workhorses to help you do whatever you need to do in life.

A variety of speeds

The classic ladies Dutch bicycle comes in a one or 3 speed version, but there are now 8 speed and even higher available as well. This serves to make them more adaptable to your riding environment. With an 8 speed cycle you can handle longer trips, while it is rare to need more than a 3 speed in the city. The single speed is perfect for short trips and country riding as well.

Easy to control and move

Dutch cycles are heavier than other types of bikes so the centre of balance is much different. This can make them much easier to control. Add to this you are in an upright position and the feeling of control and competence in traffic and on country roads. The weight also has the surprising effect of making it easier to maintain speed. While you would expect it to slow you down on a hill, the upright position takes care of that. From that posture it is much easier to push the pedals, and even stand on them to keep your momentum where it needs to be.

Easy to maintain

One of the benefits of getting your ladies Dutch bicycle from a speciality store is that they also offer a maintenance and repair service that can make sure you keep your bike going just as long as you can. The Dutch bike is easier to maintain than other types of bicycles because it has so many covers over the chains, gears and other vulnerable parts. You do need to at least have a seasonal full service done to make sure it stays in good working order. When you are selecting your Dutch cycle, talk to a bike repair expert about what maintenance is involved with each – that will help you make sure you have the right bike for your lifestyle that is easy to take care of too.

Perfect for city or country riding

One of the reasons that these bikes have come back in style has less to do with retro trends and hipsters then with the fact that as more women are choosing to commute, this style of riding is easier on the body – and easier to do in casual or business clothing. That is a big thing about these bikes, people who ride them aren’t going to be kitted out for racing – they are riding their bikes to and from other activities. This can make them a convenient way to get to and from places, add more exercise to your life, or just enjoy more cycling.

Why The Ladies Dutch Bicycle Should Win You Over
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