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Why the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100 works for me

As an individual who would make it a point to take pictures on just about any and every occasion, video as a phenomenon came rather late into my life.

The inspiration definitely was YouTube – and the fact that not only could I share videos with the rest of the world, I could also monetarily profit from these videos, thanks to advertisements run on them via the Google AdSense online advertising program.

When I first started out putting up videos which I could actually monetize and make money from, the camera I had was the PL200 from Samsung.

Samsung PL200 my first professional digital camera

A great camera no doubt but at the same time, a feature I detested was the fact that this camera had only one video output format – MP4, which would invariably result in extremely big file size (in terms of memory), with a 3 – 4 minute video file being as big as 400 MB or more, when shot in HD at the best possible quality. Naturally, such a big file size would mean excruciatingly long uploading time on YouTube.

Now, you might say I could easily convert to other formats but I did not because:

1. I am not good with video editing at all; I prefer shooting and uploading, with practically no editing. You can check out my coverage of the 2012 Auto Expo (850,000+ views and counting), my Freelancing-specific YouTube channel as well as my Affiliate Marketing YouTube channel, to get a feel for my unedited video uploading style!

2. Converting to many of the smaller sized formats invariably results in loss of quality.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100

The Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100 has in many ways been nothing short of a revelation for me.

The Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100

Essentially, while people have a variety of reasons for which they purchase point-and-shoot cameras, most of which center around taking great pictures, my inspiration was purely the fact that not only could I take great videos on this camera in a variety of formats, I could upload them on YouTube within minutes, and often, in seconds. Yes, you read that correct – in seconds.

Video Formats on the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100

Having spoken about the limited video output format on Samsung’s own PL200 (only MP4), I am sure you must be very curious about the video output formats that are available on the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100:

  • AVI
  • MP4
  • 3GP
  • WMV
  • FLV
  • MKV
  • WEBM

Now, this wide variety of file formats in which I could have videos shot on the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100, undoubtedly served as a major incentive for me to actually buy the camera.

But this definitely could not be the only reason for which I would shell out 30,000 bucks (in my local currency)!!

3G and WiFi sealed the deal for me

The deal maker for me was the provision of 3G AND WiFi on this really unique camera, a first of its kind where both of these connectivity options were being offered on a single device (the Nikon Coolpix S800c for instance only has WiFi and the Android OS offered on it).

Now, thanks to 3G offered on the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100, I can not only take great videos in Full HD, I can also upload them in minutes, and like I mentioned, in some instances where the videos are rather short in length, in seconds.

And boy, is the video quality brilliant on the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100!

Check out the video below announcing the Christmas launch of the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100, highlighting its connectivity elements in particular:

This very aspect of connectivity has in turn changed my life for the better in so many different ways.

After all, like I mentioned, I am not one who is majorly into editing or somehow jazzing up my videos, at least not at this particular point in time.

I just want to make videos which are informative and quickly get my point across without too much fuss.

And in that quest, I have found the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100 to be my perfect partner.

So should YOU buy the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100?

Honestly, that is a decision that you can best make yourself, not me.

And I have given you my own unique reasons for purchasing the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100 – the fact that it offers multiple video formats as well as the fact that it has 3G and WiFi on it, whereby I can shoot and upload videos in very quick time.

This may not be a priority for you in the first place.

For instance, you might be looking at a camera which takes absolutely stunning images, and for that, let me tell you there are better cameras out there in the market, especially DSLRs, which although will (quite likely) cost you even more than this camera, could possibly offer you better quality images.

But I can definitely recommend the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100 to everyone out there looking for a suitable device to shoot HD videos and upload to the web in the shortest possible time span.

Essentially, what I would suggest is that you make a well thought out decision, based on a whole host of factors, centered around those aspects which are most important to you.

Reviews of the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100 as seen on this page on Amazon.com could particularly be very useful.

Of course remember that the above is a page where you can buy the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100 as well, so I have provided the link below as well:

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 8GB White, Android OS, v4.1 (Jelly Bean) 3G Unlocked Here

The good news does not end there…

The Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100 is loaded with the latest Android OS version, viz. Android 4.1 or Jellybean.

This by itself opens up the camera to a world of applications which can be used with complete ease on the device.

Further, for those with a constant penchant for uploading, sharing and updating social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100 proves to be a virtual Godsend, thanks to 3G and WiFi connectivity as already mentioned, combined with the entire Android interface which makes using social networks on the device such a pleasure!

Moreover, the whole image quality experience being not as good as on SLRs or DSLRs is of course a very relative thing…I can say with complete confidence that image quality on the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100 is the best BY FAR, from among all point-and-shoot cameras that I have used in my life, and that includes many others apart from only the Samsung PL200 that I mentioned above.


My conclusion would essentially be the fact that if you are a person who:

  • Takes pictures frequently and shares on social networks
  • Takes videos and uploads them on to social networking sites (YouTube particularly) regularly,

then the Samsung Galaxy 3G Camera EK-GC100 is definitely for you.

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