Why “The Voice” (US) Continues to Soar

In the third season of The Voice, it was reported that Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo were taking a break for one season. Speculations floated as to who would replace them, and eventually, two big names were revealed: Shakira and Usher. Last March 25th, 2013, The Voice premiered on NBC with its Blind Auditions, and according to statistics, the show enjoyed a strong premiere. Close to 14 million viewers tuned in to see how the new judges fared.

Though 14 million is a very respectable number, American Idol is still the show to beat, with Season 12 premiering with close to 18 million viewers. But though this is the case, it’s only a matter of time before The Voice takes over the airwaves as America’s number one reality singing competition. Here’s why.

First of all, The Voice is not about the drama. The latest season of the X Factor tried to add more reality TV element into the show, but this failed to attract viewers simply because people want to see the actual talent and not the drama. And this is why The Voice continues to attract viewers. Just like what the title of the show suggests, it’s about…the voice.

Second, the format of the show is refreshing to watch. Personally, I think that the Blind Auditions are the best part of the show. Judges pick their mentees just by listening to their voice, and not relying on physical appearance.

Third, you can’t deny the chemistry of the judges. Sure, you’re tuning in to the show to see who has the best voice, but let’s face it, the judges are interesting to watch. They bicker and fight, but you can’t help but smile and be amused.

But as much as I want to lay down all the positive things about The Voice, we have yet to see that it can actually produce legit stars. American Idol has produced Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, and Adam Lambert. The X Factor (UK) gave us the New Directions, Leona Lewis, and Cher Lloyd. I’m just excited to see who graduates from The Voice and become a big star like these singers.