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Why the world would be terrible without the world cup 2015

Just in case you didn’t know the cricket world cup is starting on February 2015, co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand. The impact of this event to the hosting countries and to the rest of the world can be quite great.

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The impact of the cricket world cup 2015 and some of the great things you can expect are as given below:

First some interesting statistics so that you can understand the extent of the impact that a world cup cricket event could have on the world.

The total population of the world is approximated to be at around 7.1 billion people, and out of this population, 1.7 billion people comprise the 10 test playing cricket teams in the world. These countries include:

1. Australia
2. Bangladesh
3. England
4. India
5. New Zealand
6. Pakistan
7. South Africa
8. Sri Lanka
9. West Indies
10. Zimbabwe

This does not include the other countries that are called affiliate and associate members that do not participate in test cricket, but are allowed to play one day matches and Twenty 20 matches-the 6 best performing teams in the world Cricket League. The world cricket league comprises about 40 other teams from all over the world. Maybe your country is a member.

This is just to illustrate that there are more than 1.7 billion followers of cricket apart from those in the test playing teams.

Sports tourism

All the fans who are capable of buying the sporting event tickets to attend cricket matches this coming world cup will convene in Australia and New Zealand. This will have a great impact because different people from widespread nations will interact and learn more about each other and therefore promote cohesion and understanding.

Many people say that sports and culture could be the answer to the proverbial “world peace”.

Economic impact

Holidays around sporting events can have a big impact to a region’s economy. The influx of large numbers of people to a country allows local businesses to benefit just because of the sheer influx of numbers.

Social Responsibility

The ICC-International cricket council organizes several activities for the social good. These activities have a very big impact on the world due to the sheer number of followers that are involved or enjoy the sport.

Issues regarding HIV/AIDS have been highlighted in cricket playing countries through UNAIDS, issues regarding children have also been underscored through partnerships with UNICEF and cricket playing countries.

The ICC has also influenced global literacy through a charity called Room to Read that mainly operates in Africa and Asia. Cricket matches have also been played for charity to promote and raise funds to support countries that have been struck by devastations such as tsunamis.

World cup events such as the upcoming cricket world cup are not just meant for those who love cricket, but the spectacle can also be a great impact for everyone who is interested in the cultures of other people and the fan and pomp that comes with the event.

If you don’t manage to go to Australia and New Zealand, be sure to follow the pomp, ceremony and events by watching it on TV or the internet or following it in your local dailies.

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