Why These Three Skills Need to be Written in a Resume

The resume’s skills section is where we highlight our abilities as an applicant. Through this, employers discover our potentials and see if we fit their open jobs.

Unfortunately, not all job seekers can figure out the right set of skills to be written in their resumes. Some people merely classify their soft skills (personal attributes) and others, the hard ones (specific, teachable abilities). So this time, we will group them into three namely transferable, knowledge-based, and personal traits. Let us find out what these are and why they are important.

Transferable (or functional) skills are general abilities that you can employ across different job situations and industries. One can gain these skills from previous jobs, hobbies, voluntary works, and other life experiences.

Employers put a high value on these abilities since they tell an applicant’s future performance. Examples of these include teamwork, problem solving, time management, communication, and organization. If you are looking for jobs in a different field, it is good to emphasize these abilities on your resume.

Knowledge-based skills are those that we acquire from educational and work experiences. They are specific to a certain job and include technical or physical talents. For instance, an IT expert should have the proficiency in programming while a teacher should have teaching acumens. These skills reflect how well you know your craft and serve as a basis of your entire career. Failing to have such knowledge-based competencies lessens your chance of getting the job you are applying for.

Personal Traits
Your character is also a factor in succeeding in your career. In every job, these personal traits are qualities that define the kind of person you are. These include the values, attitudes, and behaviors that you possess in life. You develop them through life experience starting from childhood. Characteristics that fall under this type include integrity, confidence, personality, commitment, and several others. Employees value applicants who have good traits for the belief that they can carry out tasks professionally.

Having the right balance of skills is necessary to all job seekers. One cannot get a job with personal traits alone or with just one of these categories. So if you want to have a convincing tool that will lead you to your dream job, then keep in mind these three types of skills to be written in your resume.