Why to Buy Vegetable Seeds and Flower Seeds Online

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If you are thinking of buying seeds online there are a few great reasons why you should consider it. Whether you are preparing to plant vegetables from seed, annuals from seed, or perennials from seed, getting your seeds online has some advantages that make it a good idea.

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First, the selection online is going to be much greater than what you can find in your local store. That can be good or bad, so be careful. It is important for you to know which hardiness zone you live in before you buy so that you know a perennial can handle your winter or so that you know a vegetable will have a suitable growing environment before you plant it. Once you get this out of the way, the fact that you can choose from all varieties of seeds makes buying seeds online the best option to get exactly what you are looking for. For example, it’s pretty easy to find green and red pepper seeds at almost any store that sells seeds, but if you want to plant orange, yellow, purple, and brown peppers this year you might be out of luck unless you look online. You can also shop a full line of specialty or organic seeds online where your local store may only carry a token selection of these seeds.

Second, buying seeds online means you get them shipped directly from the seed vendor. The reason that may be important is because the seeds at your local store may be sitting in undesirable conditions. You don’t exactly know how they have been stored, at what temperature, humidity, or for how long. You can always check the year stamped on the seed packet but that still doesn’t tell you the whole story. Seeds ordered online that are shipped from the seed vendor are more likely to be sent to you directly from an ideal seed storage facility. That may mean healthier seeds and better germination which will make you a happier gardener.

Third, buying seeds online is just so much fun. What else do you have to do in the garden in the middle of January? Shopping online to peruse hundreds of seed varieties is a great way to get started on your garden before you normally would. You will also educate yourself along the way on all of the possibilities for the upcoming season and you will be the first to know what new varieties have been introduced for the new season that you may wish to try.

One you have placed your order for seeds online the best part is yet to come. That little box in the mail in February or whenever you get it is like getting a present in the mail, and unlike buying seedlings at the nursery, it won’t cost you a small fortune to get all of your seeds ahead of time. Buying seeds online is fun, informative, simple, and will get you exactly what you want. Next season, check out the online seed sites for your gardening needs.

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Why to Buy Vegetable Seeds and Flower Seeds Online, Seekyt
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