Why toys were so long taboo?

An ancient practice

Existed since the dawn of time, how and why sex toys have become taboo for too long a period?

And yes ladies contrary to popular belief, the toys are not just a fad but fun objects that are present for centuries to millennia see accompanying erotic games. The question that arises is why these objects enjoyed for many years (and sometimes still today) a bad reputation?


Firstly, in France and other southern European countries like Spain and Italy, we are the heirs of a culture and a religion Latin or pleasure of the flesh is pointed: in fact the sexual act is seen as a formality that allows to procreate but it is not associated to the simple pleasure that two people can experience together as shown in some Christian theologians thoughts:

If during intercourse a couple longs for another, it commits a mortal sin. St. Jerome – Theologian
Female masturbation, considered venial if done on the outside of the vagina becomes mortal sin if it is done with the insertion of fingers or any other instrument. (Debreyne – Theologian).

As shown in these examples to sexuality is taboo as female masturbation and the pleasure is not what should prevail during sex. Our Judeo-Christian societies have relied on religious precepts that have dice when conditioned to think that masturbation was wrong and severely punished: an old rumor even claimed that you could go deaf if we practiced.

But many women still cataloguèrent bad as any practice for a better understanding of his body other than sex between partners. With such thoughts, it is not surprising that the toys after a relative heyday during antiquity are in hiding.