Why Two Way Radios Are the Best Solution for Short Range Communication in a Business

Most businesses will, at some point, struggle with how they are supposed to manage their short range communications within the business premises. The available choices for communication tools have their own complications and are as such unsuitable. Loud speakers and public address systems are too noisy and indiscreet to be used to pass messages that are only meant for staff. Mobile phones, on the other hand, are too expensive to run, can be misused and can cause distraction. What the business needs is something that is designed solely for communication and is cost effective.

Solely for communication

The handheld two way radios are designed solely as a communication device. They do not have any features that would increase cost unnecessarily or that would encourage misuse. They are short range communication devices and some of these have been designed to be used in business. Their limited communication range combined with their limitation in communication channels means that they can only be used within a specific premise. They cannot be used for personal communication and will not distract the employees, especially through internet.

Discreet communication tools

The best two way radios for business are designed in such a manner that they have four channels for communication. These are configured through an easy to use computer application for different purposes within the business. This enables the employee in charge of communications to assign different channels for horizontal and vertical aspects of communication. The business is now able to pass messages in a discreet manner that ensures that the message gets to the intended people only. This also makes the business appear more professional and better organized. The discreet communication channels that have been created enable the business to operate in an efficient manner.

Easy to use and lightweight

Two way radios for business are designed to be remarkably easy to use. They do not require any specific training to operate and, therefore, do not incur the business any extra costs to setup for use. These devices are operated through two buttons; the first enables the user to scan the available channels while the second is the push to talk button which they use to send messages. Handheld two way radios are also lightweight meaning that they are not an inconvenience for employees to carry around all day long. This makes them the best solution a business can invest in for increased efficiency in operations and smooth communication internally.