Why Use A Recommended Motorcycle Transport Company?

Getting referrals is a good first step in using the services of any company. This is especially important when the number of companies to wade through is daunting. For some people who need to move their motorbikes, a recommended motorcycle transport carrier is a godsend.

Options for Consideration

Getting quotes from online companies that offer vehicle-moving services is a way to get an idea of costs. Of course, the same thing can be done with a list of recommended auto transport companies. The most important thing apart from cost in seeking pricing information is the payment method.

When it comes to recommended motorcycle transport companies, one prime consideration is safety. These vehicles are easy to steal, so it is important to know that the company will do all they can to keep your bike safe. Insurance is also a necessity and any company you choose should show that they have this in place.

Helpful pointers in choosing a recommended motorcycle transport company include the following:

* Whether to use door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service for pick-up and delivery: With the door-to-door service, the bike will be collected from your home, a dealership, garage or other pre-arranged location. Likewise, delivery takes place in a similar manner.

If you choose the latter option, you have the responsibility of getting the bike to the company and collecting it when it arrives. The door-to-door option is much more convenient but your budget should be considered as it is more expensive.

* Will you prefer to have it moved on an open or enclosed carrier, or boxed in a crate? There are advantages and disadvantages to any of these options.

The first option tends to be cheaper than the other two, but is carries a higher element of risk. For short journeys, an open truck is a viable option, however, for longer trips either a crate or enclosed truck is better.

Enclosed trucks are the preferred choice for expensive bikes. Some bike owners or dealerships prefer this method for new wheels or those that have been specially customized. This method is more expensive than open-type carriers since they offer better protection for bikes.

Using crates is another method offered by many recommended motorcycle transport companies. The crates can be rented from the company or purchased specifically for carrying the bike. Predominantly, these crates are used for overseas shipment of motorbikes, but they are also ideal for long trips over bad terrain.

* Will you need your bike ready to ride once it reaches? Some companies carry them ‘ready to ride’ that means you do not need to remove the fuel prior to shipping. If this is important to you, you will need to ask if the company you chose offers this option.

Make sure that the referrals are for providers that specialize in hauling motorcycles. They would have the experience in knowing how to handle these vehicles when shipping them. Bikes are different from cars and need to be treated differently.

Any good recommended motorcycle transport company will have the right equipment for lifting on-hand. They know exactly what to do to prevent damage while in transit. Ask for information on how long they have been transporting these types of vehicles.

Before making the final decision, it is necessary to make sure that the provider is licensed. Even with a recommended motorcycle transport company, you still need to check this. You should place the same value on these companies as you would any other service provider.