Why Use Airdrop and How to Use Airdrop on Mac and iOS Device?

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For Apple users, AirDrop is a seemingly magical technology. AirDrop between Macs or AirDrop iOS to Mac allows you to share files, links, and media content between Mac systems or iOS devices or between Mac and iOS device. If you are a new Mac or iPhone or iPad user and don’t know how to use AirDrop, then this article will explain you its usage and benefits.

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AirDrop functions on a device-to-device connection that operates over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The feature is compatible with Macs systems with OS X 10.7 Lion and above and with iOS 7+ devices. But if you want to AirDrop iOS to Mac or vice versa, then you need Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.

Why Use AirDrop?

If you are one among those individuals who heavily invest in the Apple universe, means you have more than one Apple devices, then AirDrop is a godsend for you. The feature lets you share many a things wirelessly and without going through any hassle of settings and configuration.

• It lets you send links from iOS to Mac and vice versa, and you can instantly get those links open in your default browser

• It lets you send video files from iOS device to Mac or vice versa without going through pesky iTunes sync

• It lets you send files like PDF documents. You can immediately open the files in iBooks or any third party apps

• It lets you send pictures, screenshots, documents, contacts, etc.

All the shared files will automatically open in their respective apps. For instance, contacts will automatically open in “Contact” and notes will open in the “Note” app.

How Do You Use Airdrop on iPad or iPhone?

• Open the Control Center

• Tap the AirDrop button

• Select either ‘Contacts’ or ‘For Everyone.’

• ‘For Everyone’ option will make your device visible to any Apple device that is within 30 feet area. But it’s still safe as no sharing will take place without authentication.

• Select the file or item you want to share

• And tap on the person’s image with whom you want to share that content

• Your receiver has to first accept the incoming file and then he can open the file to view it.

How to Use Airdrop on Mac?

• Even to use AirDrop on Mac, you require keeping the Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth enabled.

• Then go to Finder

• Click the AirDrop button

• Now, you will see all the connected devices

• Keep the AirDrop window open in both the devices

• Now, in the sender list select the item you want to share

• Drag and drop that item over the AirDrop icon of your receiver.

Your receiver will get the alert of an incoming file. He needs to accept it and then the sharing will progress. However, the sharing is very instant. Once the receiver accepts the file, it instantly gets delivered if it is not a very heavy file.

Troubleshooting AirDrop

It might happen that someday, your AirDrop fails to show its magic and start giving you problem. You can troubleshoot AirDrop by trying out the following tricks:

• Go to System Preferences->Select ‘General’->Turn off and then turn on Handoff

• On your iOS device->Go to Settings -> select General -> Handoff and turn it on and off

• Reboot both iOS device and Mac

• Disconnect and reconnect to the Wi-Fi

• Turn off and on the Bluetooth

These tricks troubleshoot the majority of AirDrop issues.


As of now, you must have grabbed how to use Airdrop on Mac or how to Airdrop ios to Mac. So you can start using it and enjoy quick and wireless sharing between Mac and Apple devices. Once you get used to it, you will find it amazingly helpful and convenient.

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Why Use Airdrop and How to Use Airdrop on Mac and iOS Device?, Seekyt
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