Why use floor mats and cargo liners for cars

Keeping your car clean is not an easy task. But at the same time, it is a matter of our honor to keep it representable. After all, you never know who is going to look at your car or, more importantly, sit inside of it. That is why the interior should be always kept in a top-notch condition. However, as you know, the reality often writes its own scenario, very different from what we would like it to be. Something gets spilled or we do not have enough time to safely put aside our sandwich once a green light suddenly turns on. The result is always the same: a dirty car floor. Luckily, we can always buy floor mats that will prevent any kind of damage that our interior could have sustained otherwise.

Imagine what the interior of your car would have looked like if you resigned from using floor mats. First: the shoes. You know that it is impossible to keep your soles always clean, especially during winter or rainy seasons. The ground is all covered with either snow or mud and stepping in a car without thoroughly cleaning your shoes first would be devastating for the interior. Obviously, it would be both nonsensical and impossible to clean your soles every time you get into a car, especially if you park it on snow or mud. With floor mats you do not have to bother at all. You can bring in as much snow and mud as you want. Floor mats do not absorb liquids or dirt so you can leave them dirty over night, or for a whole week for that matter, and a bucket of water is all you are going to need to wash them clean. Why would you need another reason to use them. But if you need then here it is: you could finally behave like a real man and stop caring where you put sandwich wraps. Normally, you would have to take a great care or these wraps would stain your interior with ketchup and mustard. Once again, floor mats solve that problem for you. The same with drinking coffee while commuting to work. You can spill it without any consequences (watch out for your pants, though. Unlike the mats, they are not stain-proof).

This leads to another thing: what about the trunk. After all, it is also a part of the interior and you know that it is ten times more susceptible to getting dirty than the floor is due to its usage. Should we put some floor mats there as well? Nonsense, nobody produces floor mats for trunks anyway. But they do produce cargo liners. Apart from their main function, which is flattening out the bottom of a trunk, they also protect it from dirt. Just like floor mats, they are very easy to wash. But you have to be careful as not every cargo liner will fit your trunk. You have to buy the one that was designed specifically for your car. So, if you are driving a Jeep Wrangler, buy a Jeep Wrangler cargo liner. If you are driving Lexus RX, look for a good Lexus RX cargo liner

In conclusion, it is much better to protect your interior from getting dirty than washing it once it gets dirty. Prevention is much cheaper and easier. Therefore, do not wait and buy yourself a few floor mats and a cargo liner.