Why Use Groupon for Vacation Travel

Why should you use Groupon for Vacation Travel? First, it’s a great opportunity to go somewhere on a limited budget. I have to tell you about my experience.

It was my 33rd anniversary and we didn’t have a lot of money saved to go on vacation. We just wanted to go some place where we could drive to. It seemed to us that air fare is outrageous right now. We didn’t want to mess with standing in line at the airport, or waiting to cross a border, so we decided on the American side of the border and picked Niagara Falls USA. We got to see the Maid of the Mist and Cave of the Winds, two of the highlights of the American side of the Falls.

I started checking out travel online and saw that Groupon had a great deal on Sheraton at the Falls, a hotel right in the town of Niagara and walking distance to the Falls. It cost me $99 a night, so I bought 2 nights. We actually stayed 4 nights, but the first two nights we got a Mom and Pop motel out of the Falls area about 8 miles away. I love deals and so with those two nights, I got a $50 voucher via Restaurant.com but that’s another story that I’ll explain on one of these posts. You’ll love that deal to.

Back to Groupon for Vacation Travel. The $99 deal was for a very nice room on the 5th floor of the Sheraton Hotel, right across the street from the Niagara Casino. Along with the stay in a very nice, clean room with two queen size beds, we got a voucher to spend $50 at the Casino across the street! Plus, TGI Friday’s is connected onto the Sheraton and we had a $20 voucher for dinner. If you take away the $50 and the $20 deals, we actually stayed at the Sheraton for $29 technically. What a bargain and what fun we had!

If you are a bit uncomfortable using Groupon for vacation travel like I was at first, there are several things that you can do to make sure everything is legit.

  1. Before you buy the groupon that you want, call the hotel and make sure that they can accommondate you on the dates you want to stay just to be sure there are no hidden agenda’s. I trusted the deal would be good, but I always double check to make sure. You never know when there is a clause or rule that you may miss.
  2. While you are on the phone with the hotel, if you can be in front of your computer, you can buy the groupon right then and make the reservations immediately to be assured they have an available room. There are some deals that a lot of people pick up and so you want to get in on the date you wish.
  3. The hotel will need your groupon confirmation number when you make the reservations, so make sure you have that handy, unless you do like I said above and buy it while you are on the phone with the reservationist.

Buying a groupon is really a great deal. I’m already checking the daily deals everyday to plan out my next groupon for vacation travel