Why is it people don’t seem to understand that war is not good,for centuries humans have been killing each other for land countries power but we all know the life that we live is not long and what ever we own on earth we still going to leave behind when we pass away.Instead of fighting to bring up our children in good and loving enviroment,we bring them pain and suffering,through our own selfishness,if we would unite as people and stop being greedy the money on earth is enough to feed the whole continent,but that money is wasted through violence buyiing weapons destroying properties and killing people we are supposed to love.

The countries in this world that suffer the most are those at war the economy is bad and the people there live a sad and uncomfortable life,fearing for their lives all for what,power what power when we perish in the process.Look at the enviroment global warming it has been affected by the gasses from the smoke of gun fire bombs,you now find bacteria in fruits which cause food poisoning,they is no food safe to eat now without washing it most food is carrying poison.Children are born deformed because of gasses caused by war,look what happened when the atom bomb was dropped a lot of human life was lost and until today people are still suffering from the damage that happened a lot of a centuries ago.

The war in the midle east is not ending human lives are still lost on daily basis,if we would sit down and talk as a new genaration and put God first this fighting will stop all we have to do is  find a way to unite as a people,start giving and sharing loving,that way we will be able to value each other’s life.God said love one another as i have loved you,where is the love?We all come from diffrent religions and back grounds but we all too know there is a God out there,which God would want his people to parish through unnecessry hostility,Let us change our way of thinking and make this world a better place to live for our children and generations to come.Lets make war a hundred years from now be nothing but a fairy tale where when told people will not believe,lets live for the right purposes bringing up our children in a safe and loving world lets turn earth into paradise,what is war,if you ask me it’s greed selfishness and unworthy so please people of the world take this article seriously it is not too late to make a change God loves us all and us too we should also love one another.