News Why we Need a Mobile Phone Jammer

Why we Need a Mobile Phone Jammer


In this technically advanced time of internet, cell phones, laptops and other modern machines are available and it is a very tough job to avoid them. They have many advantages in order to keep users updated, but they have their own demerits too. You must have gone through a situation when you were in an important situation and a call on your cell phone disturbed your attention, It has happened to all of us. On a date with your loved one or watching a movie in the theater, a phone call will spoil your mood. As a human being, we all want to enjoy our time with friends, family and relatives. If you want to spend some time with your loved one and sitting in a theater, enjoying a movie and then someone’s mobile phone starts ringing and he/she starts talking endlessly at the pitch of their voice, at that movement if you have power you would destroy the entire mobile phone industry. This would not have been the case if the owner of the theater has installed a mobile phone jammer.

A cell phone jammer should install not only at the movie theater, but also in the restaurants, concerts, shopping malls and at the places of worship because a bunch of people are there who do not know the civility to switch off or at least keep their mobile phone on silent mode at these places. Cell phone jammer is a device that is used to block the signal of a mobile phone. Mobile phones will be useless within the range of a jammer. A jammer works by communicating with its network via mobile phone towers. A jamming device emits the same frequency as the cell phone and the signal gets interrupted and then mobile phones are not able to work. There different types of jammers available with different ranges. The size of a jammer depends on the range of that jammer. They come in different sizes, some jammers are as small as a suitcase and some are as big as tower. The portable size jammers are able to block the mobile phone within a few meters area on the other hand a tower size jammer can block the signal of the entire building.

Why we Need a Mobile Phone Jammer

There is a jamming device available that block the finite range within which mobile phones are not able to work. A mobile phone has different frequency for listening and hearing, a good type of jammer can block the frequencies. Even it blocks one of the frequency, the mobile phone shows that it has lost signal and is not able to find the service provider’s frequency and is said to be out of range. These jammers are very useful for the business persons at the time when they make deals on the phone. You can easily avoid a terrorist attack with the help of a jamming device. Basically, they attack at such places where the people present in a big range and they use laptops and cell phones to accomplish their task, so with the help of a jamming device you can save the lives of thousands of the people as terrorists are not able to communicate with each other.

Why we Need a Mobile Phone Jammer
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