News Why we should use reusable tote bags?

Why we should use reusable tote bags?


Why we should use reusable tote bags?

The famous pamphlet issued in Britain in 1943 entitled ‘Make Do and Mend’ emphasized to British housewives the need to be frugal and conscious of their material usage in times of harsh rationing. While today we may not be feeling the wartime pressures of mandatory rationing we certainly do feel other material pressures, namely the need to be aware of our environmental impact and how we can minimize it; resources simply aren’t going to last forever!

But for a lot of people, being able to change the course of mankind’s environmental impact seems, for lack of a better word, daunting. Not everyone is the CEO of an oil conglomerate, or the leader of a high status non-profit. Instead it falls on most people to make their contributions in small, local ways that build up to make a big difference; as the historically frugal British would say “take care of the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves”.

A fantastic way to start ‘doing your part’ involves something that millions of people all around the world do every single day: shopping. We all shop, we have to, but there’s no escaping the fact that each time we pick up our groceries we take with us any number of disposable and, unfortunately, wasteful shopping bags. Be it paper from our ever dwindling supply of trees or plastic from our slowly drying up oil reserves, we all use them and we all need to stop. This is where wholesale tote bags for shopping comes in.

Tote bags are everywhere, from the stylish twenty something woman gliding down the street to the sharply dressed CEO hurrying between meetings; all sorts of people use totes to carry anything and everything. However one area where tote bags seem to be lacking is with grocery shoppers. The idea of using tote bags to haul groceries shouldn’t be looked over; totes can last for years, being made of hard-wearing and naturally sustainable canvas, or easily produced synthetics such as nylon. Grocery tote bags are reusable and almost always recyclable, as well as cheap to produce and remarkably cheap to purchase, some stores practically give them away.

Grocery tote bags can offer to the public a simple solution to part of a large and complex problem. The fact that over one trillion plastic bags are used each year shows that now more than ever we need to act, and swapping out the dozens of disposable grocery bags that people use every week for a simple, long-lasting, reusable grocery tote bag seems to be a very good way of getting started.

Why we should use reusable tote bags?
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