Why we use “invisible braces”?

Clearline Ortho’s clearliners “invisible braces” primarily are directed toward treating various kinds of malocclusion including patient’s anterior teeth as well as posterior teeth. Such treatment involves mild to moderate orthodontic tooth movement’s intended to impact a patient’s appearance, self image, and improve function. The clearliners “invisible braces” are fabricated in clear, thin, thermoformed plastic in a sequential series to progressively reposition the teeth. Corrective force to straighten the teeth is delivered via minor changes into a position in each subsequent clearliners.

Clearliners “invisible braces” are fabricated from (0.035 or 0.040) thermoformed polycarbonate plastic. The mechanism of force application to the teeth is via intention distortion of the plastic as clearliners “invisible braces” is seated in the mouth. Each subsequent clearliners “invisible braces” in the overall progressive series is made from a mold of patient’s teeth which reflect subtle changes in the position of teeth from the previous clearliners. The positional changes are introduced into each clearliners “invisible braces” in the laboratory by moving the teeth on the construction model and then forming the clearliners on the same model. The overall treatment is prescribed by the dentist to the laboratory where they are fabricated. Clearliners may be adjusted by the dentist. Clearliners “invisible braces” are completely removable by the patient and treatment may be discontinued at any time. There is total control over treatment by patient through dentist while communication between all of them.

It seems that there is nothing more capable of making someone feels better than a pretty smile. But some of you may be surprised to know that the effects of a smile aren’t only limited to the ones you see on the recipient of the smile but they extend even to the person who passed that smile. I guess it’s true what they say; smiles are little curves that set a whole lot of things straight. Here are some more benefits of smiles.

Superior protection System
Believe it or not data collected from recent studies show that people who tend to smile and laugh more are less prone to diseases because they have a superior protection systems. This means that you are less likely to get diseases such as the common cold and even your chances of getting severe diseases like cancer are greatly reduced.

Support In alleviation tension
It is a scientific fact that when you smile or laugh it triggers your brain to release hormones called endorphins. The purpose of this hormone is to make you feel relaxed and happy. These are also the hormones that are responsible for what is commonly known as the runner’s high so if you don’t have time for a fitness run just try to smile a bit more everyday to trigger these hormones and cut down on your stress.

Pretty smile
Women and teenage girls all spend hours on their makeup everyday looking for the perfect shade and the perfect form of application but what’s the point of all that if you are going to walk around everywhere with a big frown on your face. It is no secret that if you take the prettiest person in the world and have them frown then you will find that there are a million people that look better than them. Whereas if you take a person that has average looks and have they smile they will look much more attractive so if you want to look prettier before you do anything else just put a pretty smile on your face and you’ll be off to a good start.
Catching the smile

When you smile at someone you know or don’t know you send them a positive message that has the power to change their mood and make them feel better and because they feel happy now they may smile at someone else and make them feel better and the cycle just keeps going on.

Less time consuming
Clearliners “invisible braces” from Clearline ortho is such an awesome product in the field of orthodontics. The duration of normal case that is handling with clearliners is 6 to 8 month of time.

Clearliners “invisible braces” are completely removable by the patient and treatment may be discontinued at any time. There is total control over treatment by patient through dentist while communication between all of them.

As the name mentioned they are totally invisible and made from clear plastic that is totally invisible.
Always remember that it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. To find out how you can have a beautiful smile, ask your dentist about clearliners from clearline ortho.