Why Wireless Alarm System is Better Than Wired Alarm System?

A few years ago, wireless systems were infamous for setting off false alarms. And that was the reason hardwired alarm systems earned people’s trust for being a more reliable security system. However, as technology has improved by leaps and bounds, alarm system manufacturers like ADT have created a range of wireless equipment that creates a support system for your house. The security backup takes into loop not only the keyholders but emergency services as well.

Here are some more factors that put wireless systems in a better place than hardwired ones. Take a look.

Ease of use

Improved wireless systems come with an astounding range between devices and the control panel which makes controlling devices a piece of cake. Moreover, they are digitally connected with emergency services like the fire department that are promptly alerted in case of smoke detection.

Additionally, if you have more than one person in the house, it is possible for everyone to have a remote control and arm or disarm the system as per convenience. For example, if there are elderly persons, or children, or differently abled in the house, all of them can have access to a remote control that can be operated from anywhere in the house and within a range outside the house. With a wired system, the most one can do is to shift the control panel to a lower position.


The time taken to install a wireless alarm system is way less than for a wired alarm system. One can do it themselves; however, it is best to get it installed by a professional who can ensure that the installation doesn’t have faults to raise false signals.

Wireless devices are also much easier to move since all they have is a main control panel and sensors fixed at various places inside the building. All one has to do is to unplug and remove the sensors, pack, and move.

Remote Control

Wireless alarm systems allow you to control your security sensors from a wide distance around your house. On the contrary, a wired system needs you to be present at home to monitor it. If there is a remote access with such systems, it comes with expensive upgrades or monthly packages.

The only setback that a wireless system has is that its equipment costs more. In addition, their batteries need to be replaced every few years. The wired adt alarm systems are virtually maintenance free and no need of batteries either.

So now that you have a reasonably clear picture of the features of a wireless security system, you can choose what will suit your needs best.

If you have been using a particular alarm system, tell us what features you like and don’t like.