Why Women Cry In A Relationship

A woman’s expectation

We need relationships with people and without it our growth in life can become stunted. GOD created woman for man as helpers. From birth to adulthood, women are exposed to fairy tales and this fantasy is carried on to reality. Their believe in such romantic stories has messed up their relationship with the oppposite sex. What are the silly things women do that make them cry?

Falling in love with men who don’t love them: I say love doesn’t make sense. In our subconscious mind we develop feelings of love for someone and not have it for others. Some women fall in love with someone who is not interested in them. They waste their time in a relationship where their partner doesn’t care about them. All he wants from her is sex and money and when they have their way, she is abused and dumped.

Having Sex immediately: GOD designed sex for marriage but unfortunately we have misused it . Women believe that by giving the man sex they’ll love them more and hopefully they’ll get married. This is a fallacy. The truth is sex does not come before love and women who do it later discover that he only desired their body for temporary satisfaction. It didn’t get the love and satisfaction they wanted from the relationship.
Using money to buy love: Money can’t get you love. Some women buy men expensive gifts and try to use their wealth to win their affection and love. Some help to solve the man’s financial problem. A lot of them have deceitful intentions, they will grab the her money, meet their good deal and disappear in the thin air.
Failing to improve their Physical appearance and skills: Women in the olden days believed marriage was primarily for bearing children and taking care of the home. Their looks wasn’t a their husband’s priority. However, this trend has changed in the twenty-first century. More and more males need a woman who can give financially, emotionally and socially to the relationship. Women who depend on the opposite sex for all the family needs will discover that they’re dumped later because they failed to build themselves and neglected their dreams.

It’s very romantic for a man to be all that you imagine him to be.The truth is that romantic fantasy don’t exist in reality. Women who expect so much fantasy in their relationship have ended up being hurt and emotionally bruised by the man they fell in love with. Some women have made silly mistakes because they expected their partner to meet all their emotional, physical and spiritual needs.