Why You Need a Building Code Consultant

Every new building, whether it is commercial or residential, must meet specific codes and regulations in the area where it is built. Even modifications to current buildings must be reviewed and approved by a building code consultant in order to ensure that the modifications are compliant with regulations. If you plan to start a new development or make renovations to an existing development or building, you need to hire a consultant to ensure that you are meeting local building code regulations.

Services Included

Services included in building code consulting are quite varied and detailed, but a general idea of common services include: third party plan reviews, fire safety program development and master planning, design criteria development, building code equivalency documentation, due diligence reports and surveys, conflict resolution for building code/fire code, negotiation and consultation with authorities, document review and drawing specifications, standards monitoring and codes development, and more.

Building code consulting services are imperative for developers and builders who want to avoid legal trouble by ensuring that they comply fully with regulations in their area. More importantly, ensuring that your development adheres to law can also help to protect lives and property from the damaging effects of smoke and fire. For more information about the valuable services provided by Zaricode Consulting Group,

Consequences of Not Building to Code

If you decide to try your luck at developing an area without hiring building code consultants to help you develop and check your plans, you could potentially face disastrous consequences. If a government authority is able to determine that your building plans violate codes, they may revoke your building permit or certificate of completion.

If you begin work on your development project prior to receiving the necessary permit that shows you are following regulatory codes, you may be penalized with a 100% – 200% fine of all permitting fees. The amount of this fine will be determined based upon when you began construction prior to receiving a permit. You may also face legal action which can come with its own hefty price and could potentially send your company into bankruptcy.

As you can see, it is simply not worth it to take the risk of building without a permit or completely disregarding building codes in your area. It does not take a lot of time or effort to hire a building code consultant, and all smart developers and builders make this step a priority in their building plans.

Building Code Details

Building codes differ substantially by state, but many of them cover the following basic areas: mechanical, health, fire, electrical, plumbing. Codes may vary in strictness based on the nature of the building being constructed. For example, manufacturing facilities will have different regulatory codes than residential buildings.

The idea behind the development and enforcement of building codes is to maximize the safety of the occupants within a building. Without strict codes, builders might be tempted to cut corners and sacrifice the safety of their tenants in order to save on costs and building time. A building code consultant can help ensure that this does not happen by evaluating a building and ensuring that it meets code regulations.