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Why You Need an SEO Expert

According to Internet marketing experts, approximately 93 percent of all online experiences start with a search engine. While exact figures are impossible to ascertain, it is estimated that there are more than 1 billion searches performed daily on the Google search engine alone. Depending on your industry, millions of these searches will be for a service or product that you provide. Visitors will either find you or your rivals when they search, and without an SEO expert on your side, it will almost always be the latter. Keep reading to discover the reasons why you need an SEO expert.


Increased Sales and Exposure

An SEO expert will ensure your website, and ultimately your business, receives more traffic and overall publicity. Not only that, but this traffic will be highly targeted based on specific search phrases and keywords related to your industry. In other words, the people who visit your website will be interested in what you have to offer instead of being random visitors with no intention of becoming customers. This will inevitably lead to a higher percentage of visitors who end up as loyal customers and a boost in sales.

Reduced Advertising Costs

How much does your business spend on useless advertising? A surprising number of businesses are still happy to throw away money on large print advertising campaigns. While print is not exactly dead, it is certainly moribund, and the cash you throw at this form of advertising can be saved and put to better use. With an SEO expert, you can actually save money while increasing your advertising reach.

Global Targeting

There is an entire global audience just waiting to find you, and you can either use an SEO expert to get found or allow your competitors to enjoy the lion’s share of the market. SEO enables you to target specific towns, counties, states, and nations. It can be used to pinpoint your target audience around the world and drive them to your website.

Become Number 1 in Your Niche

With an SEO expert on your side, you can outrank your rivals and gain a distinct market advantage. In the modern era, if you are not dominating online, you are missing out on a great opportunity to become the Number 1 brand in your niche. Imagine being the first name people see when they search for products or services in your niche; the profits and exposure could be incredible, but all this is only possible with the aid of an SEO expert.

Improved Customer Trust

Like it or not, companies with a strong online presence are trusted more than businesses that make little impact online. If you are a baker located in Boise, for example, and don’t use an SEO expert, your website will probably be located on page 10 of Google for the phrase “Boise baker,” which means you will never be found. Most consumers only look at the first page of search engines, and if your rivals are there instead of you, forget about increasing revenues. Companies on page 1 are trusted; businesses on page 10 are not.

To give your business the best possible chance of being found and of enjoying a boost in sales, get in touch with SEO experts such as those found at Phoenix Online Media.

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