Why You Need Facebook and Twitter for Your Business

Social media marketing is extremely important when running a business or making money online from home. There are two excellent options to help with this: Facebook and Twitter. It is difficult to build your following on both of these social media sites but Minimartjobs.com, the Fiverr alternative, can help you in many ways.

The Use of Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook gives you the ability to create a fan page. This is being used by many freelancers, people working from home and businesses, including large businesses such as Amazon and HP. The pages are put into categories, which mean that you can decide where your page will work best for you. Many freelancers decide to place their pages in the business category while larger companies will choose the company category. It helps them build a following.

Why You Need a Facebook Fan Page

A fan page is the perfect way to get your information out to your fans on Facebook. People simply ‘like’ your page and your updates are posted straight to their news feeds. The more Facebook likes you have, the more people you will reach out to. People can share your posts with their friends too, which will increase your viewers and let others know that you exist.

The page allows you to post new information on a daily basis – and it should be used daily. You will be able to include links to new products or services that you offer and post pictures of you working in the office. It makes it possible to put a human face to the company; something that many people are now after.

The Use of Twitter

A Twitter account makes it possible to ‘tweet’ short bursts of information to your followers. It is a micro blogging website and you can post 140 characters per tweet. This is a great way to entice your Twitter followers into clicking a link to a picture, a product or even a longer blog post. It is a great way to let the world know about any press releases that you have written or send people to something that will help them – and you in the process.

Why You Need a Twitter Account

Twitter reaches out to more people than Facebook and allows you to mix business and personal lives together, without going into too much detail. You can share photos easily by providing a link, which will give you the chance to only share the photos that you want. With Facebook, it is much harder to mix your personal and business life without sharing your Facebook profile, which will likely have some embarrassing photos.

Your Twitter feed is available to anyone and everyone. It is not private – which is something to be wary about! – And anyone can choose to follow you. They will be able to look into your posts first to determine whether you are worthy of being followed. Once they do choose to follow you, your posts will automatically show up on their timeline. The good thing about Twitter is that all your posts will show on your follower’s timelines. This is becoming a problem with Facebook.

Getting Likes and Followers

One problem that many businesses and freelancers find is that they struggle to get people to ‘like’ their page or follow their Twitter feed. With Minimartjobs.com, the micro job site, this has been made much easier. It is now possible to buy Facebook likes and Twitter followers through sellers on the site. The best thing is that these likes and followers are all 100% real. They will also help you improve your ranking as more people share and re-tweet your posts.

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