Why you should add HIIT to your workouts

When someone trains at the gym they train according to their goals. Different people at the gym have different goals. Some people want to build mass while others want to lose fat and get ripped and lean. Others train for performance in a certain sport. Whatever type of training you do, adding HIIT to your workouts will improve your results.

HIIT is the abbreviation for High Intensity Interval Training. This type of workout is done at maximum strength during several intervals. For example an HIIT workout would be a 30/60 workout a soldier gave me. The 30/60 HIIT workout is sprinting for 30 seconds and walking for 60 seconds then repeating for 20-45 minutes. What happens is that when you do HIIT workouts you release more hormones such as dopamine testosterone and growth hormone. And your metabolism increases WAY more than a regular workout. Your metabolism stays in high gear for the next 15-20 hours. Metabolism is the rate your body digests and processes food. And the higher your metabolism is, the more calories you’re going to burn every minute compared to a regular workout. This workout is most useful for those that are trying to lose those last few pounds of fat to look completely ripped. When you do a regular low intensity cardiovascular workout, even if the % of calories burned is more on the fat side than that of HIIT which is more on the carbohydrate side. But the total number of fat calories burned including after the workout? That would be the person who trained with HIIT because after his workout his metabolism skyrocketed for the next 20 hours.

So add HIIT to your workout! If you don’t believe me look at the top sprinters in the world and the top marathon runners. What you might see is that most sprinters are ripped and toned while marathon runners are skinny with barely any muscle. I would recommend every 2 days but if you do it at least once a week I really feel you might want to do more. And don’t forget proper nutrition and recovery are key when training!