Why you should Dress for Success

Whether you like it or not appearances mean more than you might like them to so you really need to dress for success if success is your goal in life. Success is not just about climbing up the corporate ladder. it is also about climbing the social ladder with friends and others. It is about how others perceive you no matter where you are. If you go to Wal-Mart or the grocery store in ripped and dirty sweat pants with a t-shirt that is 3 sizes too big for you people will have a certain opinion of you versus if you were dressed in a nice pair of pants and shirt or dress depending on your gender. You might say you don’t care what people think of you but most of us do. Sure there are some days when you really just don’t care because you might not feel that great or are in a bad mood. Those days might be ok but people will still have an opinion of you based on your appearance regardless of what is going on in your world.

You can experiment with this by picking a place you frequent on a regular basis whether it is work or a store or maybe your local pub. For the next month keep yourself well groomed and dress in your finest clothes that are appropriate for that location. Take note of how people react to you whether they are strangers or people you know. If you choose work to try this experiment a well noted method of succeeding while dressing for success is to emulate your superiors who you report to or who have a say in your promotions. Have you ever heard the saying “dress for the job you want not the job you have”? It is something to keep in mind.

After a month of keeping yourself well groomed and tailored you should notice a difference in how people are reacting and interacting with you. As long as you are approachable and being friendly you should notice that people are very responsive to you and treat you better than previously.

If you decide to take this experiment to work you might notice a difference in how your boss treats you. He/she might take you more seriously and possibly start considering you for advancement.
Don’t take the power of dressing for success lightly as it is a proven social quirk about our society even though some people say don’t judge a book by its cover, people still do.

It does take extra effort to make sure you have your shirts ironed or your dress cleaned and ready and grooming your body takes time but the rewards are worth it. Not just financially or socially but mentally you will start feeling better about yourself and will actually start to take on the confident persona you are trying to exude. Dressing for success is a very powerful action. If you are looking for more help with dressing for success there are some great dress for success books on the right side of this page that you might consider.