Why You Should Include Cardio In Your Workouts

I know the holidays are coming and you’re probably anticipating the glazed turkey with cranberry sauce, but there are a few reasons you should include a cardio workout into your weekly routine.

You Can Maintain Your Weight

While it’s easy to understand why you wouldn’t want to take this time of year to lose weight, it will do a lot of good to make sure you don’t gain more weight than you won’t have to work nearly as hard during the summer to wear your favorite two piece bathing suit or your favorite swim trunks (guys).

Cardio allows you to increase your heart rate, which leads to sweating and fat burning. Fat is included in the calories you’re piling on your plate when you’re with your family. It’s common that you stay in bed during the day while you’re on break from school or take your vacation time from work.

You Can Relieve Stress

There’s nothing better than an intense heart pumping workout to get anger and frustration out. It beats having an argument with your boss or co-worker because instead of wanting to rip your hair out, you’re going to be able to breathe better and lift the negative energy from your shoulders.

Increase Your Focus

It’s a great feeling to be able to focus in class or not fall asleep during a board meeting without having to worry about the crash you’ll get following a pot of coffee. You’ll be tired physically, but your mind will be working like a brand new light bulb.

If you do a quick cardio workout in the morning before work, you’ll find you have a bounce in your step and you’ll probably turn a few heads of the people who depend on coffee to get them to work or school in the mornings.

Better focus equals better productivity. You may impress your instructor or your boss and you could even get yourself a promotion and increase your grade point average.

Burning those calories does a lot more than just help you maintain and lose weight, but in the end you’ll get a lot more out of just 30 minutes of intense physical activity 2 or 3 times per week.

Lose and maintain your weight