Why You Should Install Eavestrough Covers or Gutter Screens – We had Raining Mice

Eavestrough covers or gutter screens are something I am considering after having a mouse fall off the roof and just miss my son!

The other night while saying goodbye, we heard a thud and literally right beside him on the ground was a mouse. Luckily he did not get hit with it, then another thud.

It just sat there for a minute and we could only see it from the dim outdoor lights, but then it ran away. The first thing we did was look skyward trying to figure out where it had come from. We finally decided that it must have fallen from a tree as we have big old trees in our back and side yard with long branches.

I didn’t think any more about it, until the next day I decided to take my magazine and a coffee out on the back deck and contemplate my day when out of the corner of my eye I saw something running at high speed.

We have a bungalow, so the roof and attached gutters are not that far up especially on the back deck, and there was a mouse running at high speed on the very edge of the gutter and occasionally transferring himself to the roof and shingles like this was a regular occurrence.

It was then that I remembered the list of spring chores we had not done yet, even though it is almost summer, and cleaning out the eavestrough was one of them!

We had done it in the fall, but in the early spring we have a really big old silver maple that gives off bud casing, and then those winged seeds, so they get caught up in the gutters. I knew it was on the list and no one likes to get on the roof or get the ladder out so it tends to get left.

Well now mice have discovered this nice pile of debris building up in there and even though we get some heavy rains, they have decided this pile of twigs and leaves is now home.

So, needless to say this is the next job, and this time we will install gutter screens or eavestrough covers (depends where you are from as to what you call them but they do the same thing!)

These are basically screens that fit over the trough part of the gutter and filter out the chunks and debris so that it will simply slide off or come off with a quick sweep. Usually the wind will take away any debris so that it will not build up on top of the screen.

Eavestrough Covers or Gutter Screens

They are easy to install and will keep the rain water moving the way it is supposed to be moving, off of your roof and away from your foundation. Before you install these make sure you give the troughs and downspouts a really good clean out. If you can get someone to hand you the hose while on the ladder, you can simply point the hose down the downspout to flush anything out of there to keep the water running.

Once installed you will not have the worries of building up garden debris or in our case, mice nests and have your gutters doing their job.