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Why you should put a case in your new iPhone 6


Sure the iPhone 6 is a beatiful device but with that beautifulness comes fragileness. While it’s not that common, may people opt out in puting a cover to their iPhone in order to no hide the phone. For others, the phone is way too big after covering it up with a case. No matter how you feel, the truth is that you should cover up your new iPhone 6. There are many reasons why you should put a cover on your new iPhone and here are some of them that will change your mind if you don’t live covers.

Won’t have to worry about bendgate

Why you should put a case in your new iPhone 6

A problem the iPhone 6 faces is the the ‘bendgate’ problem. Although Apple refuses to admit that there’s a problem with the iPhone 6 bending stating that there have only been nine reported cases of this issue happening, there have been hundreds of reported cases on the internet proving that this issue is real and it has happened to more than nine people – as opposed to Apple’s statement. So buy buying a case, you’re protecting yourself from this happening to you. Many of those reported people were able to exchange their iPhone on an Apple Store, but other weren’t so lucky and Apple did not replaced their devices.

The iPhone 6 screen scratches to easily

Another problem many iPhone 6 owners are reporting is that the iPhone 6 screen gets easily scratch – easier than previous iPhone models like the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5. These reports come straight from Apple’s community forums, where hundreds of users have reported that their iPhone 6 have gotten scratched without receiving any misuse or physical damage from the users.

Knowing that the iPhone 6 has all these problems, you should really buy a case for your iPhone unless you have unlimited money to replace your device or you don’t care that your device is all scratch and broken – specially when there’s a bunch of iPhone 6 cases that you can cheapily buy.

Why you should put a case in your new iPhone 6
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