Why You Should Use Original Toyota Spares?

Counterfeiting is a huge market in every sphere, and the same holds true for auto spares. Given that Toyota is such a huge brand, unscrupulous elements try to cash on the opportunity to misuse this brand name so that by selling generic auto spares under the Toyota brand, they can actually get a lot of profit. In fact, in some countries like Turkey, counterfeit Toyota spares market is worth billions of dollars.

Generic or fake Toyota spares can be really cheap compared to original OEM products. However, saving money may not be such a good deal after all. Here is why it is better to always buy original Toyota spares:

  • They come with warranty

Genuine Toyota auto spares come with limited warranty that has you protected against the malfunctioning of any product. Genuine OEM products go through rigorous factory testing, and hence, their marginally higher cost also increases. With fake or generic products, you don’t get the comfort of warranty. Such parts also don’t go through stringent tests, which make them more likely to fail.

  • Your vehicle warranty may become void

If you use generic or fake auto spares, the manufacturer or service center of your vehicle may refuse to repair your car under warranty, even if it falls under the warranty period. The manufacturer is not liable to repair faults arising out of faulty and fake auto spares free of cost. Thus, it is always better to shell out a little extra and buy genuine Toyota spares.

  • The value of your car may decrease

If you are looking to sell your car in the Seconds market, then it is wise to fit your car with genuine spare parts. Most people look for genuine OEM parts in cars to get the peace of mind that the car is in good working condition. If you have used generic parts, then your car may be valued much less in the market, which will ultimately cost you money.

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Try to differentiate between genuine and fake spare parts:

  • Given the various benefits of using original Toyota spares, it makes sense to pay a little extra for peace of mind and convenience.
  • However, it is also important that you know what you are getting is original, and not counterfeit marked with the Toyota brand.
  • Toyota has worked really hard to ensure the counterfeit auto spares market in most countries is weakened.
  • Case in point is that of Turkey, where counterfeit spares market was booming until a few years back. The behemoth car giant worked with investigative agencies and charted out a long-term plan to weed out the big players in the counterfeit market.

They conducted raids, and served cease and desist orders to everyone selling fake products under the Toyota brand. It took some years, but the brand is now reaping the rewards of its hard work.

How to know if your Toyota spares are genuine

Unfortunately, there is no definitive way of knowing if your Toyota auto parts are genuine, since the counterfeit market has become really sophisticated over the years. However, here are a few pointers to ensure you spend your money well:

  • Unusually cheap prices

If you want quality, you have to pay for the requisite price. If you are getting branded auto spares at really cheap prices, it should ring a bell. In such cases, you could send the product to Toyota for verification, or find a verified Toyota dealer for help.

  • Get your products from authorized dealers

It is always safer to buy your Toyota spares from authorized dealers nearby. If there are no authorized dealers nearby, you could always check online. There are plenty of verified dealers online that sell trusted Toyota OEM spares. For more information about the Toyota spares, please join us today & get your Toyota parts easily.