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Wi-Fi Booster Guide: Try These Tips to Extend Your WiFi Router's Signal

Many a times, you scan Google search results to know about some cool wi-fi booster tips to enhance your connection speed and network. If you think that applying simple tweaks to your router can improve the range of your wireless connection then apply some of the ones mentioned below.
Troubleshooting a network’s wireless performance can be a challenging task for an average user.

But if you’re aware of the tips that can improve your signal strength, then enjoying a better speed and connection is just a step ahead. Many tech gurus may claim that signal coverage and speed are the two prime factors behind a successful wireless connection, but some negligible factors may spoil everything. There are plenty of wifi scanner apps available over the web, and you can use any one of them to enjoy a safe and fast Internet connection. Everyone wants to enjoy a blazingly-fast wireless network, but you may feel that you only get decent speed, when your laptop sits right next to the wifi router. Have you ever wondered why? Well, a simple reply to this question is that you need to boost the signal’s range to enjoy decent speed in every corner of your home.

If you’re facing wifi speed and performance issues, then here’s a list of some common tips that you should apply to enjoy great wifi signal strength.

1. Try Changing the Channel

Many wifi routers operate on the same channels on which other electronic devices like TV, oven, and other computing gadgets are operating. Users may select default channel settings while setting up a new wifi router, but tech experts recommend choosing the least crowded channel to experience the best wifi speed. It is recommended to check and find a wifi channel that has the least crowded platform to boost the router’s performance and wifi range. ‘inSSIDer’ is a free open-source software that can help you choose the best wifi channel by depicting the graphical information about the current traffic operating on a specific channel.

2. Update Router’s Firmware

Users often forget to install the latest updates and security patches for the router’s firmware, but it can turn highly dangerous for the user as well as the device’s security. Every router displays some notifications whenever new software or updates for the device gets available for download. Maintain a habit of checking firmware updates for your router on a regular basis to enjoy optimal speed, performance, and best wifi signal strength. Visit the router manufacturer’s website, search for the firmware updates, and upload them through the router’s interface to resolve the connectivity problems.

3. Update Adapter Firmware

Network adapters are also subject to firmware updates as they maintain and transfer the data from the parent source to the clients. You’ll need to install all the latest available firmware updates to ensure a good wireless range and performance. All the latest laptops and other portable machines have onboard adapters, and you can visit their manufacturer’s website to install the latest firmware. Go to ‘Network’ settings to find the name of the adapter your device is using and then visit the corresponding manufacturer’s website to ensure that you have the latest firmware.

4. Try Changing the Router’s Position

Router placement plays a vital role in delivering the best signal strength and offering larger wireless range. Placing it in the central position of the floor, keeping it free from physical wall barriers, and maintaining adequate distance between modem-router can bring tremendous change in the wireless speed. You can also purchase custom-length Ethernet Cat 5 cable to enjoy the best wireless connectivity, irrespective of the router’s location.

5. Think and Install DD-WRT

DD-WRT is an open-source software for routers, and it is popular for ramping up router’s performance, speed of the wireless connection and extend the wifi range. The utility is a Linux-based firmware for wireless routers and fits compatible with various models of routers and access points. DD-WRT includes some important features like support for the Kai network, IPv6, Wireless Distribution System, radio output power control, and overclocking capabilities to boost your wireless connections. It is important to consider that installing DD-WRT may void your router’s warranty so never install it on devices under warranty or setup in a business network. It is one of the best third-party firmware that can replace the original firmware on some of the commercial routers.


Undoubtedly, there are hundreds of wifi scanner and wi-fi booster apps that can boost the range and speed of your connection. You can visit Android or Apple Store to find, download and install some of the wifi extender apps and enjoy a seamless wireless connection. Additionally, try placing your wireless routers and external adapters at a central location to enjoy the best connection speed and performance. Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can also try setting up an additional router and configure it as an access point to enhance your wifi range.

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