Wide Legged Wellies For Women – Rubber Rain Boots for Wide Calves

Having trouble finding women’s wide legged wellies?

Ordering what you thought were the perfect pair or rubber rain boots and having them arrive and they are too narrow for your legs and especially calves is disappointing and quite common.

Some people say people with fuller calves and thighs are sexy. That is a personal point of view because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you are bootylicious, you might be proud of your curves. No matter how happy you might be, there are times when you wish some parts of your body are slightly different. Most women often experience this when they have to buy boots or wellies. That is why manufacturers are now offering wide legged wellies for wider fitting boots for larger calf.

You might be wondering what a wide calf welly look like. They look basically the same like your regular fit wellies but slightly wider at the top. What most women complain about when looking for rubber rain boots is that the cute ones are never large enough to be comfortable. The larger calf or wide fit wellingtons that they can wear, are either bland or mostly men’s styles. Women often resort to wearing men’s bulky wellingtons to get their calf in and not have it push the whole shaft of the boot down.

Most women who want to buy wide legged wellies don’t only plan to use them in the garden. At times, they also plan to use them when they go out. Because of the nature of these rubber boots, it can be very difficult to get ladies wellingtons that are fashionable and will easily stretch to fit those with wide calves. Nevertheless, you can buy stylish wide legged wellies with the straps or top buckles like the hunter rain boots, that will make them look trendier. The Huntress is the widest calved Hunter welly boot style for high fashion!

If you want to find a location where you can get wellies for women with large thighs and calves, a couple of the best websites for North America is Nextag womens wide wellies and also Amazon’s wide calf boots. They have a surprising number of wellies for wide calves and feet at great prices.

In the UK, www.jileon.com specializes in wide leg wellies and www.easy-wellies.co.uk. The great thing is, the sites provide everything you need to make your family happy. The wellies come in different shapes, sizes and colors. They even sell kids wellies so that you can shop for the whole family at the same location and save on shipping.

Some of the wide feet wellies are really stylish. You will have to take a second look in order to realize they’re not just rubber boots. For anyone who needs to go out on a rainy day and doesn’t want to be bothered with wearing leather boots, these wide legged wellies will really do the trick.

I hope this helps. Nothing is more disappointing than finding and ordering a cute pair of rubber rain boots you cannot get your calf into! Rubber wellies split very quickly when forced on your leg, and creased around the ankle, they do not look as good and not even mentioning how uncomfortable they are when squeezing your leg. I hope these shopping suggestions help in the quest for roomy-fitting wide legged wellies for ladies.